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In his profound teachings in A Course in Miracles, Jesus invites us to realize our divine potential as miracle workers. This Healing Ministry Course offers a transformative journey for personal healing and the healing of others. Are you ready to embark on this miraculous path that has the power to change your life and the lives of those around you?


This unique course in true healing is open to all, regardless of their prior experience with healing. It is a transformative journey that helps you discover your role as a miracle worker, following the profound teachings of Jesus in A Course in Miracles (ACIM). This healing journey is a path of self-discovery and acceptance, guiding you to recognize your worthiness as a Son of God in the world and your potential as a teacher and healer. We invite you to join us with an open mind and heart, ready to learn from one of history's greatest healers.


Throughout this course, we will delve into ACIM's teachings on healing the mind and body. While there may be similarities with other modalities, our primary focus is on Jesus' guidance for the true healing process. Some approaches may differ from your previous healing experiences and training methods, which can lead to a new perspective on healing. This journey of self-discovery and transformation can fill you with hope and optimism and equip you with life-changing practical tools for healing yourself and others.


We are all healers, even if we don't practice a formal healing modality. Jesus asks us to accept our roles as teachers and healers to help not only ourselves but our brothers and sisters on this journey. We are all walking each other home.


Our natural state is Spirit, but we have forgotten our true nature. Connecting with our true Self is challenging because we've forgotten our intrinsic light. We have an innate sense, desire, and calling to serve and help others achieve inner growth and self-awareness. We are all born teachers and healers. We have faced many challenges on this earthly plane and have become entangled in false belief systems that once aided our evolution. However, it is time to transcend these lower thought forms and beliefs and embody the Light as Spirit for self and others. As we step into our Light, we will begin a global healing ministry movement that will heal not only our mind, heart, and body but the healing of others and the world we experience.



  • The Course & Jesus’ View & Teachings on True Healing

  • Detail insight, Quotes, & Passages from ACIM of Jesus’ Teachings

  • The Cause of Sickness

  • Beliefs & How They Affect Us

  • Medicines Role

  • Removing the Cause of Sickness

  • The Body as a Communication Device

  • The Healer & Healing

  • Visual Healing Diagram

  • The Unhealed Healer

  • The Healed Healer

  • The Unhealed Mind

  • True Healing Versus Other Modalities

  • False healing

  • Hidden Causes/Effects of Illness

  • Practical Application

  • 42 Page pdf and Flipbook Guide

  • Healing Script to Guide Your Sessions

  • And More!


This immersive course and its teachings will span six weeks via Zoom, meeting once a week. The “group” and “private” classes will kick off the week of [AGUST 5, 2024]. The group class schedule will be tailored to the group's most convenient day and time, ensuring everyone can participate. I will arrange a private class to accommodate the time difference if you live internationally. “Private” classes will be available and designed to fit your schedule, ensuring you can fully engage with the course. 


When you join “HEAL,” you will receive a 42-page teaching and session guide in PDF and flipbook format. There will be recorded replays for those who miss a class or want to revisit the class teachings. The class material will provide a step-by-step guide to understanding Jesus' teachings. You can start your own individual and group healing sessions and events or add these teachings and methods to your current healing sessions with clients or loved ones.  

HMM GROUP:  Energy Exchange: $160

Payment Plan (A): Payment in full $160


Payment Plan (B): $85 to grab your seat, $85 last payment made during the 5th week of class

HMM PRIVATE Workshop: Energy Exchange $195

Payment Plan (C): Payment in Full $195


Payment Plan (D): $105 to grab your seat, $105 last payment made during the 5th week of class.


To SAVE your seat and register, please choose either GROUP or PRIVATE and payment (plan) below. Once I receive your submission, I will contact you via the email you provide with further instructions. Any questions, please email me at

This workshop does not replace any medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. It does not diagnose conditions or perform medical treatments of any kind and will not interfere with the treatment of any medical professional. Please seek medical advice first when necessary. This workshop is an added alternative to your current therapy and self-work.

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