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Akashic Records

Ancestral Alchemy

You did not incarnate on earth to ‘repeat’ family patterns such as emotional stress, fear, unworthiness, depression, addiction, or genetic illnesses. You are here to grow beyond these conditions and behaviors, to evolve not only your own soul but also your family lineage, in order to cease passing on to newer generations the unbalanced energies of your genetic imprint.

You break free from the bounding nature of your ancestral lineage by healing your ancestral line. Healing your genetic blueprint is a matter of choice. You heal through surrender – through the understanding and awareness of your false beliefs. 

As you step to the front of the line in your ancestry, the energy they embodied has been passed on and is now expressing as you and those of your current generation in the lineage. As you transform, the energy and wounds of the entire lineage preceding you is transformed. You are the one who can heal old wounds for your entire ancestral line, forgive old enemies, shift conditioning and beliefs, and release pain that has held preceding generations in bondage.

When we heal and transform the wounds we carry from those who came before, we’re also changing the trajectory of those who come after. Those who follow will have a different standard as the foundation for the linage. If we break the chain of addiction, violence or other inherited, limiting beliefs, our children and their children and those who follow them are given access to possibilities not available to the ancestors. And thus, the entire lineage evolves.

The Ancestral work within the Akashic Records will assist you in finding hidden patterns that you may have developed/inherited from your family lineage. Identify patterns or areas of your life you feel stuck, parental toxic patterns, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, triggers and much more. 

Through this journey, you will be given a “Journal the Journey” workbook in a (PDF) format to write in or use your own journal. This material brings forward a series of questions that will allow you to dive deep into journaling your thoughts, emotions and triggers, bringing greater awareness on where you are at the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.  We will use the information from your writing to connect the dots to your ancestors in the Akashic Reocrds to create healing and transformation for yourself and your ancestors past, present, future. 


  • Generations Affected

  • Ancestors: Biological, Territorial, Spirit, and Earthbound

  • Ancestral Family Secrets

  • Soul Loss

  • DNA/Genes: Environment, Toxicity, and Thought Forms

  • Programs/Traps

  • Shadow Law

  • Contracts

  • Heart Walls/Emotions

  • And MUCH more!


• An 11page “Journal the Journey” workbook to journal your thoughts, emotions, beliefs

• A written Akashic reading Ancestral Profile

• One-on-one recorded Zoom session

• Clearing & Healing within the Akashic Records

• Guidance on moving forward in your transformation and healing

• Series of Ancestral Ceremonies/Clearings

• One post session for any additional guidance


To set up a session, please click on the form link below. From there I will contact you via the email you provide and send out an invoice. Once paid, I will forward to you the “Journal the Journey” workbook, along with further information for our session. 

Blessings on this journey!

This session is not to replace any medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevent any disease. I do not diagnose conditions or perform medical treatments of any kind and will not interfere with the treatment of any medical professional. Please seek medical advise first when necessary. This session is an added alternative to your already, if any, current therapy.

We will be in touch shortly after checkout with further instructions and Journal workbook

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