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Bio-Energy Session

One Soul Healing
One Soul Healing

Clearing and Attunement

Over our lifetime(s), past and present, we carry imprints, programs, attachments, cords, static and negative energy, blocks and much more that accumulate in our energy fields. These discordant energies and attachments can be stored at various levels of the structured and unstructured fields as well as the actual tissues and organs of the physical. Clearing these attachments/discordant energies and attuning these fields, will create a balanced and harmonic flow to the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

EXPERIENCE: balanced health physically, mentally and emotionally, increase energy flow within the physical and around you, more peaceful focused meditations, clear & balanced energy field, raise your frequency, become more in alignment with your True Self, and much MORE….

The clearing and attunements are done with sacred geometry code visuals and commands through the Rishi codes of AS (Absolute Source). During the session, you will be shown a visual of each code whereby they will be uploaded to your energy field, DNA templates, all chakras and the iron core of mother earth. As we do this work we are also assisting Gaia in the process.

Each module level must be done one at a time to allow the clearing and attunement to integrate smoothly. Approximately 1week between sessions.

This session is not to replace any medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevent any disease. I do not diagnose conditions or perform medical treatments of any kind and will not interfere with the treatment of any medical professional. Please seek medical advise first when necessary. This session is an added alternative to your already, if any, current therapy.

These sessions are done LIVE via “Zoom” and are done one-on-one. 

Module 1


• Miasma

• Clouds & • Mucus

• Astral Objects

• Misaligned Thought/Energy

• Relationship Cords

• Off Planet Cords

• Imprinted Programs

CLEAR,  ATTUNE & HEAL:  cord attachments (relationship & non-physical, off planet), energetic waste, emotional imprints, stagnation within the physical & energy field, astral objects, entity attachments, imprinted programs

Module 2


•    Chakra Restructuring
•    Armor, Compactions And Energy Depletion
•    Heart Brain Balance
•    Original Wounding Of Separation

CLEAR,  ATTUNE & HEAL:  chakra restructuring, physical and emotional blocks called armors & compactions, heart brain balance, birth wounding of separation, spinal column energy blocks and seal clearing

Module 3


  • Upgrade the 9 internal Chakras of each organ


  • Spinal Column energy upgrade and seal release clearing


  • Hara healing/Upgrade

CLEAR,  ATTUNE & HEAL:  vibrational & energetic restructure of major organs of the physical, balance the 9 internal chakras within the organs, clear distortions, blocks and imbalance within the spinal column, bring hara into alignment

You will be given a PDF before each the session that provides information on what we will be doing and information on the clearing and attunement that will be done in that session.


To get detailed information for Module Level 1

To get detailed information for Module Level 2

To get detailed information for Module Level 3

Each session runs approximately 45min. to 1 hour and are done LIVE via “Zoom." Each module is done 1 week apart for complete integration. The first session is scheduled below and the other two will be scheduled in person after the first session. 


All Three Clearings, Attunements & Upgrades:    $111

NOTE BEFORE BOOKING: PLEASE BOOK YOU SESSION DATE AND TIME 2 TO 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE FOR PROPER SCHEDULING. I WILL CONTACT YOU TO CONFIRM YOUR SCHEDULED TIME CHOSEN. THIS CALENDAR IS TENTATIVE UNTIL I CONFIRM VIA AN EMAIL TO YOU. I only use several of my sessions with a booking calendar so I will need to make sure your scheduled session does not overlap another session that did not use my booking siteThank you for your understanding! :-)

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