Nothing could be better than giving the gift of healing. Purchase a gift certificate for any of my session modalities and send it to the recipient as a gift via email.


The recipient can then use the dollar amount for a specific session or use the dollar amount towards a session of greater value. (additional payment will be charged to recipient for remaining balance greater than the certificate amount on session chosen.)

Please fill out the form below and make your payment. Once your form is received, and payment made, an email will be sent out to you with instructions on how to deliver the certificate and how the recipient uses it to set up their session.  

NOTE: This certificate is not hand mailed to you but is a PDF digital copy that can be sent by you as a gift to the recipient.

Gift Certificate Amounts:

Akashic Level 1 - $55

Akashic Level 2 - $55

Akashic level 1 & 2 - $90

Akashic Ancestral Alchemy - $65

Kundalini Reiki Course - $175

Advanced Energy Session - $65

Bioenergy Clearing/Upgrade - $85

QHHT (Past life Regression) - $150

Forensic Healing - $55

Akashic Masterclass / Workshop - $288

Open dollar amount to be used as the recipient chooses - your $$ amount chosen

Gift Certificate Form

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