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Module 1

One Soul Healing
One Soul Healing

Bio-Energy Clearing and Attunement

• Miasma

• Clouds

• Mucus

• Astral Objects

• Entity, Discarnate, Demons

• Relationship Cords

• Off Planet Cords

• Imprinted Programs


Miasma, Clouds and Mucus are part of a related family of issues held in the Bio-Energy Field. They are stored in various locations of the field usually the unstructured levels 2, 4, and 6, as well as actual tissues and organs.

Miasma is diseased energy particles of dead or frozen light that collects as energetic waste that is created by psychological, emotional and spiritual trauma, abuse and fear. These are created and formed by negative ego patterns that are designed to protect woundings in the bio-energy field.

Miasma is collected and stored in the Bio-Energy Field as an energetic waste product that builds up over time creating dead wiring and dead spaces, thus not allowing the natural energetic circuitry of the person’s Bio-Energy Field to circulate. These dead spaces also prevent an exchange of information and intelligent energy that begins a devolutionary state for the system, which create degeneration in the DNA code and the program scripts that govern the systems processes and reactions.


Clouds and Mucus are heavy darker emotional imprints that clog the unstructured levels of the human energy field. They are similar to dark and heavy clouds in a rainy sky in that they are darker and heavier in appearance.

These dark, stagnant clouds act like stagnation in other parts of your body. They clog up the system and disrupt healthy functioning. This stagnation will also eventually cause stagnation in the first and third and fifth levels of the field, which

are adjacent to the emotional and astral bodies.


Clouds and Mucus significantly lower one’s vibration, and create a heaviness in the field and in one’s life stream. Clouds and Mucus collect when one has negative thought forms and subsequent negative or low vibrational emotions. They also collect in actual physical injury where the field bruises and swelling takes place in the unstructured levels.


Astral Objects are located in the fourth level of the Bio-Energy Field which is a gateway to the fourth dimension. This is a dimension that is known as the great arena with an enormous amount of activity, beings, and potential traps. The astral realm is a huge realm, it contains every experience we have ever had and is also the level of relationship. It is in this level of the Bio-Energy Field that objects from other people, beings, and time lines can accumulate in your Bio-Energy Field.


The astral realm contains all of the events that have not been processed or healed which is leaving an energetic imprint behind affecting the quality of the Bio-Energy Field. This is like junk that is accumulated in ones field and these very often take the place of Astral Objects.

These need to be removed as they can block, stagnate and freeze energy in the system depending on where they are located. Their origin can come from past life deaths, jealously, anger, rage from known and unknown people in this lifetime, contracts and agreements held with other non physical beings, orders and alien races that bind you in place to keep you stuck or stagnant or locked into an agreement.

The astral objects look just like the real objects except they are held only energetically in place in the astral plane. They can be removed safely using the Code and Command protocol for astral objects.


These can fall under the term Bio-Energy Field Attachments, as they attach to the field to siphon and vampire energy away from the host. Most people are unaware that they have auric attachments, but it is very common occurrence, and in our experience:

  • 75% - 80% of the population have entities/ discarnate’s attached to them.

  • 50% - 60% of the population have dark forces or demons

  • 80% - 90% of the population have some form of entity attached to their house/land.


An Entity is a non physical being that has found a home in your Bio-Energy Field and is residing there. This is because as someone navigates life sometimes their Bio-Energy Field become weak and they experience a loss of personal power from Core Woundings experiences in their Life Stream. This causes their Bio-Energy Field to be energetically vulnerable to lower level beings attracted in by the low frequency and these entities are able to influence and affect the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and habits of the people they are attached to.


A Discarnate is an Earth bound entity that has died and not passed through the light tunnel to the plane of bliss. They have become attached to the person and project anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, fear and other discordant thought forms that so they can feed off your emotions. Because people are unaware of the existence of a discarnate they think that noises or voices in their head are their own creation they identify with them - not realising that the Discarnate is projecting these into their Bio-Energy Field to create mental and emotional discordance which it then feeds off.


These are a collection of non human dark energy beings that live off fear and negativity. Their purpose is to steal human’s light and energy and they do this by creating discordance in the Bio-Energy Field.

Demon’s are non human, conscious and are malevolent. They usually operate with the parameters of fear, both with in themselves and inflicting upon the host they infect. They merge their energy with the consciousness of the host and are able to control their thoughts and emotions and as a consequence their behaviour.


The above being’s are able to gain access to control people’s thoughts and emotions by accessing portals, worm holes, cuts and tears in the aura. All these are access points into one’s Bio-Energy Field, this is why it is vital you do your utmost to protect and keep in integrity your Bio-Energy Field.

As a Bio-Energy Field Transmitter you are only going to be as effective as your Personal Vibration. If your own Bio-Energy Field is littered with entities and discarnates , you will not be an effective healer and in fact will very often make the person worse through the discordance in your system. For this reason it is important to be vigilant in your behaviours that might be creating cuts, tears, portals or wormholes in your field. It is important you track any hint of addiction, aswell as being vigilant against alcohol, drugs, and discordant sexual energy as these all create access portals into your system, and being a healer you become a bigger target for possession.


When you think of someone, have feelings about them or talk to them you are effectively sending that person energy, there’s no way to avoid doing this in life. If you consider you have all of your holographically encoded information stored in your Bio-Energy Field you can send a lot of this information to someone when you focus your energy and consciou ness on them. This forms an energetic cord between the two of you.

Relationship Cords are made of astral and etheric energy and they connect two Bio- Energy Fields together binding them. It’s like an umbilical cord that transfers energy and information.

They exist between chakras and the chakra that the cord is placed in will determine the nature, challenge or opportunity with that relationship. The cords sit where usually the intention is going from the sender. For example the cords feeding into the second chakra would indicate a sexual based desire or relationship. Cords going into the third chakra would indicate that the person is wanting to pull on their personal power and access some of that power for themselves. Cords going into the heart would indicate a love based relationship intent.

Many of these relationship cords are healthy and vibrant, however often they are not. Cords can get damaged, tangled, and not needed in the Field if someone wants to move on past an old relationship. In many of these cases it is important to clear the relationship cords. This is done using the Codes and Commands as stated in the protocol.


This is when members of the (Negative Alien Agenda) NAA have inserted cords to siphon energy into someone’s Bio-Energy Field, this is done for a variety of reasons:

  • To siphon energy from the person.

  • To control and get information from an implant.

  • To mind control the person

  • To keep them locked and stuck in their level of consciousness

It is important to remove all off planet cords, they are not healthy and these parasitic infections need to be displaced out of people’s Bio-Energy Field. They will be found attached to the chakras. 


An Imprinted Program is a fragmented soul aspect of ourself from the past that is driving our behaviour, reactions, personality and helps develop archetype behaviours that define the False Self Personality.

Imprinted Program’s create beliefs that we accept as real and identify ourselves with and as a consequence form an aspect of our False Self. These Imprinted Programs are created through childhood conditioning growing up from our parents, friends, schooling and society. They are created in response to real and perceived stressful and painful episodes that have created a wounding in our Bio-Energy Field.

A wounding is a hole in our Bio-Energy Field that is filled with painful emotion. Our Bio-Energy Field repairs this wounding much in the same way our body repairs a physical wound. An energetic scab is formed, protecting the painful emotion and eventually energetic scar tissue is formed over the top, sealing off the trapped pain on the inside.


This creates a fracturing off of our soul’s energy and the person loses a little piece of their Soul Essence, and they are split off from their True Self. Over time people collect many wounds which create little deviations in their True Self. This creates more and more loss of their Soul Essence, as they fracture off more and more aspects of them self and hold them in isolation in the Bio-Energy Field, with the Imprinted Programs and subsequent Program Scripts serving as the defensive responses keeping all energy out of the Core Wounding.


  • Victim consciousness

  • Unworthiness

  • Un-deservedness

  • Addictions

  • Poverty consciousness

  • Self Destruction

  • Abandonment

  • Perpetrator programming

  • Obsessive Compulsive

  • Tyrant programming

  • Impatience

  • Intolerence

  • Conflict

  • Self Obsession

  • Indifference

  • Judgement

  • Co-Dependence

  • Control

  • Selfishness

  • Arrogance

  • Turbulence

  • Fear

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