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Module 2

One Soul Healing
One Soul Healing

Clearing and Attunement


The chakra functions to receive and transduce frequency from source and circulate the flow of life force energy around the system. Thus it is very important that these are open, charged and healthy. Each chakra is shaped like a vortex or cone with the tip meeting in the vertical power column, with its purpose to send frequency through into the corresponding endocrine gland, and allow energy to move along the meridians and Nadi’s. Often this interface is blocked creating stagnation and a build up of mucus, clouds and miasma. The goal of any spiritual aspirant is to open all the chakras to clear and charge the corresponding energetic interface so that there is a clear flow of energy through the system. 

Chakras have structured levels (1,3,5,7) which hold the shape and structure of the chakra, while the unstructured levels hold clouds, mucus and miasma creating stagnation in the chakra.


Shielding, armour and compactions are created through stagnated energy that has become incredibly dense through prolonged stagnation, heavy emotions and avoiding mechanisms. This results in energetic distortions which create the heaviness in the field and often presentable layers of protection.

In particular, compaction blocks are a result of suppressed feelings and contain accumulated emotions that cause an build up of fat or body muscle in the area. Mesh armour is created in the system when a person avoids feelings that may be arising. Rather than be in contact with the feeling it is suppressed and ignored and results in this distorted energy pattern it may not directly lead to illness but can ultimately create crisis in the person’s life. When feelings are actually prohibited from arising at all they create large amounts of tension in the body resulting in a plate like shield. It is used to prevent one from feeling painful emotions. Often someone will create plate armour over their chest to protect the heart. It is worn very much like armour as protection from further painful episodes. In this case aspirants find it increasing difficult to connect with their heart and their own essence. This will often create tension related illnesses like ulcers, heart problems, tendonitis.

Compactions are suppressed and trapped feelings and emotions that accumulate in a particular area of the body. This can often cause a build up of muscle or fat in a particular area of the body. For example if someone has a build up of toxic emotions related to a life issue such as resentment towards a family member this can create extra body fat being accumulated in areas of the body associated with the holding onto this pain. If someone is following detoxing protocols and is not losing weight as predicted you can work on this in their system and see a corresponding shift in their body fat levels.


The compactions, shielding and armour work in layers and over time they mesh together forming the various types of blocks. In terms of the layers of the field the unstructured levels (2,4,6) form heavy clouds, mucus and miasma, and they compact onto of the structured levels creating distortions in the structured levels of the field (1,3,5,7). These distortions play out by creating tears and meshing in the lines of light that constitute the structured levels.


The heart and brain complex has a flow of energy that should synchronise together in one Heart - Mind field. Often people are disconnected from their heart and run their brain independently of their heart. There is no energetic feed coming through from the heart to create coherence in the system.

Coherence is the state in the system where your Mind-Body-Energy complex is in energetic alignment and co-operation. It is in this state where energy is accumulated and not wasted in the system. By operating in a state of Coherence one is entering a state of enhanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual function resulting in a harmonious functioning of the whole. When one enters the state of Coherence it increases the ability to build resilience which enables people to effectively manage stressful situations and bounce back quicker from trauma and other challenges that

life presents.

Coherence is the key necessity for someone to enter into FLOW. The magical state where by the right people, places and opportunities turn up in life. In this state you are at the right vibrational state to attract the reality you desire to create.

The key to Coherence is in syncing the heart and brain together and getting them to work as one energetic complex. The heart actually produces the largest electromagnetic field in the body. When fully activated the heart produces a large torus field of energy, that helps to synchronise and improve full brain functioning of the mind complex. It is the heart’s electromagnetic field that contains the coding for intentions. Intentions are driven from the heart (not the mind) but are synced with the mind to send waves out from the system and are amplified according to the degree of heart activation.

Society conditions its citizens to live in mind over the heart. The education system, television, internet and media ensure an over stimulation of brain activity and are often skewed from being balanced between left and right hemispheres to favouring the left brain (logical, analytical, objective, critical thinking and language) over the right brain (intuitive, thought and spatial patterns, images and subjectivity).

Fear also stimulates the energy in the more reptilian complex of the brain stem which operates around survival. Ideally the brain should function more in cooperation with the heart and be more holistic in function allowing a free flow of energy between the two systems. Ideally the energy should circulate and flow through out the heart - brain complex in spirals of figures of eight patterns.

Three of the major brain centres which are important in our physiological function are the Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland and Hypothalamus. These function together and drive the endocrine system that governs the hormones responsible for how you feel.

Specifically the endocrine glands that are governed by these three centres are as follows:

  • The hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and pineal gland are located in the brain.

  • The thyroid gland is located in the neck, with the four parathyroid glands

  • situated behind it.

  • The thymus is in the chest

  • The adrenal glands lie on top of the kidneys.

  • The pancreas, stomach, ovaries, and testes are located in and beneath the abdominal cavity and have multiple functions -- some of which include endocrine functions.

Demon’s are non human, conscious and are malevolent. They usually operate with the parameters of fear, both with in themselves and inflicting upon the host they infect. They merge their energy with the consciousness of the host and are able to control their thoughts and emotions and as a consequence their behaviour.


At birth we move through the process of incarnating into form and also experiencing individuation. This process happens some what traumatically for most incarnating souls.

Inside the womb the fetus is joined by the umbilical cord to the placenta. The placenta is not only the primary source of fuel in terms of vitamins, minerals, blood, oxygen and water. But is also THE source of energetic feed during the gestation period in the womb.

The Placenta contains the tree of life and the source of all creation and has enormous energetic and spiritual growth properties. The medical establishment views the placenta as medical waste and the common practise of separating the baby from the placenta usually happens as soon as possible after birth. It is the cutting of the placenta’s umbilical cord that creates the first energetic wounding of separation and abandonment. The only nourishment that has created life giving properties the baby has ever known, and the place from which source field intelligence flows through is the placenta. This immediate cutting of this cord creates a traumatic experience for the incarnating soul and helps to formulate a wounding (separation and abandonment that can be held life long in the system.

This technique aims to repair this dramatic energetic cut between the placenta and the baby, and restore the energetic flow between the tree of life and the incarnating soul. This serves to help the soul remember it is universally connected to the tree of life and source intelligence. There are alternative practises that aim to restore the sacred connection between the placenta and the baby during the birthing process. This is known as a lotus birth, where by the placenta and baby are kept attached together until such time as the baby is ready to let go of their physical and energetic twin in the womb - the placenta. Typically a lotus birth will take an additional 4 -10 days for the baby to let go of the placenta. This allows for a smoother transition between the nourishment of the placenta and the nourishment of the breast. This creates an incarnating soul with a dramatically less separation and abandonment anxiety than the more western traditional approach.

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