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Module 3

One Soul Healing
One Soul Healing


Upgrade the 9 internal Chakras of each organ


Spinal Column energy upgrade and seal release clearing


Hara healing/Upgrade


Each organ has 9 internal chakras both masculine and feminine in nature. These Chakras regulate the energetic flow of Prana to sustain each level of their own Bio-Energy Field and the entire Bio-Energy Field of the Human Hologram. The 9 internal Chakras also regulate the balance of both masculine (electric) and feminine (magnetic) energy through the entire electromagnetic toroidal field of the heart and Human Hologram.

The 9 internal Chakras are located in the direct centre of each organ and are ordered on a vertical axis energy column. This column of energy is a faint thin line similar to the Hara line, connecting both North and South, Masculine and Feminine and Electromagnetic energy currents. With organs that have paired structures such as the Lungs, Bladder and Kidneys their energy column runs vertically between the pair organs.

Each organ does have a main governing gender, however they do still hold both Masculine and Feminine qualities. The organs Chakras are connected to energy currents that are directly connected to the Tri-Merkaba network, which then distributes the energy through the entire Bio-Energy Field and Human Hologram. As well as each of the 9 internal organ Chakras connecting to each level of the Bio- Energy Field and having a governing Masculine and Feminine gender, the organs all have a governing planetary consciousness.


The spinal column and spine itself is a powerhouse of energetic, electric, magnetic, neural, and hormonal interface and feed. It is a both delicate and complex region of our systems that governs so much of our daily lives we take it for granted. It is only when our spine and supporting musculature fail do we come to appreciate and just how fragile this complex can become.

The spine itself provides a protective vessel for the delicate nerves and spinal cord inside which run through the spinal column itself and out though spinous processes and feed directly into the associated muscles sending the command signals to the appropriate region of the body. Any movement of the spine in terms of the disks which provides cushioning, spinous process that form the back of the spine, the spinous processes that feed the nerves out it the body and the whole body can quickly shut down in a protective mechanism.

Muscles are the physical structure that holds the spine in place. The muscles work both as active (movement muscles) and passive or statically (supporting muscles). The muscles work in three planes of motion against gravity and ground reaction force in unison to be able to keep the body and spine upright and free from the harm of falling. The body will use it’s entire muscular system working functionally together as one synergistic unit to be able to provide the strength, support and balance to ensure that the spine is safe.

A healthy strong spine is vital to have a healthy functioning holistic system. For this reason supporting your clients with physical movement such as yoga, Tai Chi, pilates, gyrotonics, physical core based trainings, and other mind body disciplines is an excellent addition to any holistic healing protocol.

Acting as a form holding template for the physical structures and muscles of the spine is the bio-energy field. Information and instruction sets for the physical building of the spine are held here in the energy field.

There are eight layers of the personal energy field supporting the spine and indeed muscles holding the spine in place.

These eight levels we have covered in the webinar training, but to summarise here are the components of the field as a whole again for you on the next page. The whole physical body has individual layers and levels of energy that surround and permeate it: so too, the spine , every organ and indeed, every cell, have their own intelligence and energy field that forms part of the larger whole. The spine has its own bio-energy field which is the form holding template for its structure, function and growth. Thus, any distortion in the bio-energy field of the spine can lead to structure and function issues of the spine itself.

The spine’s levels of the bio energy field are functionally the same as the body as a whole, thus the structured levels of 1,3,5 and 7 can become ripped and torn, while the unstructured levels of 2,4 and 6 can hold a lot of heavy clouds, mucus and miasma creating energetic blocks and heaviness in the energetic functioning of the spine.

Other distortions can include inorganic material in the spine such as implants and other various control devices that distort the natural energy flow up and down the spinal column. These can be found on all aspects of the spine itself and in particular in and around the atlas which facilitates an enormous amount of neurological and energetic feed.

There are two levels to a healthy energetic spine:

first is to clear and charge the levels and layers of spine’s energy field; second is to remove any inorganic material that prevents the natural flow of organic energy in the system. The spinal clearing protocol addresses both these issues. It sweeps the spine to clear the system of any inorganic material and also clears, charges, balances and realigns all the levels and layers of the bio-energy field.


The word ‘hara’ originates from Japanese martial arts, and it refers to much more than just an energetic anatomical structure or place in the body. While we teach hara as running through the centre line, it is much more than that. Every cell in our system has its own hara, every organ has its own hara. Our entire consciousness itself has a hara, this is held as a purpose and a form holding template for our intent.

This is encapsulated by our hara which is a dimension of itself. It sits in a deeper dimension than the bio-energy field. Thus is an important regulator of the entire holographic template.

We have often expressed that Hara is the first step, the last step and the only step in the pathway of liberation. It is the state of non action supported and held by intention. Sedentary living, poor eating habits, lack of purpose, lack of drive, poor breathing and posture all contribute to a poor hara.

A person’s hara can be split. This means the flow of energy through their vertical power column becomes distorted and this throws off the entire system and as all of the energetics are built around a strong, healthy functioning hara. A split hara is common when someone has a split intention. This happens when someone is being pulled in two different directions at the same time and as a consequence get stuck in life. For example a aspirant might want to leave their job or partner, but another part of them is drawn back to the feeling of being needed at work or home. Thus they are split by their intent of wanting to leave and subconscious feed of being needed. This can create a split hara which fundamentally throws the entire system out of balance.

The hara can be connected to energetically by visualising or feeling, sensing it running between the Tan Dien (located two inches below the belly button) and the high heart, 2-3 inches below where the clavicles meet in the middle. These two energetic centres host the central column of the hara line which runs form the top of the multi-dimensional anatomy all the way into the Earth’s crystalline core.

This visualisation is a powerful grounding and centering exercise and firming anchors one in the physical dimension while still having access to the highest aspects of their consciousness stationed at the highest dimensions. It is through the haric dimension one manifests the ideas and plans held in the higher realms physically on Earth. Without a strong hara people simply cannot carry out their ideas in a grounded, practical way. If your aspirats are often wondering why their ideas never come to fruition you would do no better than work on their hara over a series of sessions to anchor them fully into the physical dimension.

Hara is a popular term in martial arts since it refers to ‘The Sea of Chi’, the place where all movement and power is born, and where the centre of one’s gravity and hence balance is formed.

When your hara is strong, You will be able to catch yourself  before entering into an emotional reaction and easily spot when you are pulled out of your centre. This upgrade and rebalance of the Hara will help you to  manifest your intentions and move through life being balanced and stable. It will enhance the ability to assimilate and utilise chi or prana and cultivate this in ones system and enhance the vital life force.

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