Welcome to OneSoulHealing and Akashic Record Soul Realignment.  I believe it is no accident that you have found your way to my website. It is Divine timing, for the healing that I do is on a soul level and thus uncovers the blocks to our Divine Nature



Akashic Soul Realignment can greatly enhance the quality of your life by helping you to:

Understand and heal the root causes of current issues, such as...

  • emotional, mental, or physical health challenges;

  • unhealthy relationships, whether with partners, family, friends, coworkers;

  • blocks around money, finances, or career;

  • unresolved traumas, fears, or recurring negative experiences or beliefs.

Find who you are at Soul level, including your...

  • Divine energy centers; Soul/Galactic family groups; Soul’s vibration rate;

  • Spirit Guides;

  • current life situations and lessons;

  • energy imbalances at mental, emotional, and physical levels.

  • Soul Specialization

  • What % are you working daily with Higher-self

The goal of Akashic Soul Realignment is to restore your soul to the same Divine blueprint as when Source created it. As we have incarnations, it becomes energetically disrupted by events, karma, contracts, choices, and experiences. Akashic Soul Realignment uncovers the blocks to our soul’s divine nature and thus heals us on a soul level.


As an Akashic Soul Realignment Practitioner, I am able to access individuals’ Akashic Records to view souls on an energetic level and see where there are blocks and restrictions. This fosters an understanding as to why one is having specific negative experiences.  

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records, which are part of Divine Mind, can be thought of as an energetic super computer system or database that contains the entire history of every soul since Creation. This includes every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred in one’s present life and all past lives. The Akashic Records are interactive in that they have an incredible influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us. 


I research and identify positive and negative influences within one’s Akashic Records that may be affecting one’s path in this incarnation. The results of my research are presented to you in your Soul Profile and during the Soul Realignment phone or Skype call. The information contained within your Soul Profile can transform you to become the very best that you can be in this current life you are living.