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Testimonies From The Heart

Garret has an amazingly powerful and loving energetic presence.  His sincerity and love for his work and client is evident.  I felt tingling through my body as he spoke and provided information for me during our phone conversation.  To me, this was representative of the truth and value of the information I received. After speaking to him I felt so much lighter and more joyful.  Words truly don't capture the wonderful feeling - the feeling itself is so much more expressive than the words that try to describe it.  I highly recommend this process to anyone looking to clarify and grow spiritually.

-Fran Nowrocki, Charlotte, NC


Garret is a skilled and gifted healer who can bring about profound positive changes in one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual journeys. He is compassionate and committed to empowering each individual to achieve his/her highest well-being and soul growth.

                                                                                                                    I have experienced Reiki healing and Akashic Soul Realignment from Garret, and both accelerated my spiritual awakening. With giving no information other than the date of my birth and where I was born, the Soul Profile provided detailed information about my two Energy Centers, my soul’s Vibrational Rate, my Soul Groups of origination, and my Spirit Guides. Each of these areas provided an accurate indication of my Divine Gifts, how I’ve used them positively in the past, as well as how they may manifest if/when they are not nurtured or become unbalanced. 


For me, this affirmed careers and personal experiences I’ve had in the past both positive and negative (from childhood to recent), and provided indications as to where I may want to focus my energies going forward during this next phase of my life (including friendships, relationships, self fulfillment, career, and lifelong insecurities).  Since I’ve been at a crossroads spinning my wheels for the past four years, the value of this information is priceless! 


Garret lives and breathes to assist others on their spiritual path! He exudes Love and easily engenders the trust and confidence of others. Having met Garret is one of the most positive pivotal experiences of my own spiritual journey! 

-Catherine Naomi Young, Stroudsburg, PA


Thank you so much Garret for the Akashic records healing I’ve received.  When I received the Level 1 healing, I found out I had a tear in my heart chakra and root chakra. The healing I received was phenomenal and ten days into saying the prayer, I started crying for one week. It was somewhat messy but how I felt a week later was awesome. I felt a huge shift and I knew my heart chakra had been healed. Also, the Soul Realignment Review was extremely interesting.


After about a month, I was then ready to do Level 2.  This level was even more dynamic. My questions were answered in a kind, gentle and loving way.   I feel amazing.  I’m so much happier and content. I’m more accepting of who I am and I’m able to acknowledge my gifts. I’m standing strong in my power and I’m only accepting respect and love.  There is absolutely no room for anything less now.  Most of my hives have disappeared that I’ve had for eight years.  I’m really quite “chill” and what used to trigger me is pretty much gone. I’m also speaking my truth more easily.  Healing at a soul level is life changing to say the least. The shift has been so BIG, I’m truly grateful for this healing.

-Doris Hopfner


This service changed my life for the better! I noticed immediate releasing and realignment in several areas of my life that shifted me into a more loving and positive trajectory ...I noticed my personal relationships became more harmonious and my self confidence has improved and increased due to the clarification of energies. Garret helped remove distortions from my perception by channeling amazing clarity wisdom and advice. I've recommended this to my other friends as well and I believe three of them now have worked with Garret and ALL reported significant shifts and realignment as well! I am SO eternally grateful my higher self guided me to this service and Garret was able to facilitate this healing. 

-Violet Roig


Hi!  So, perhaps not an ahha moment, but definitely an ahha happening.  10 years ago, I had a partial mastectomy, scar is about about 4” above my heart (flat linear approximation) and about 4” long.  It has been a bright red, angry, raised scar.  So much so, that it was incised 1 year after the surgery as it looked like it was not healing. It came back as ugly as ever.  About 10 days after talking to you, I realized that it was no longer raised and barely visible!  All that is left is about 1/4” at the very end.  BTW, no further cancer cells were found.  I had Reikied myself for hours every day and refused to accept it!  I also Reikied the dratted incision every day for the past 10 years, to no avail.  Something from a past life must have been the cause of it no going away.  Just wanted to share that with you!

-Chris Dewick



I was fortunate enough to meet Garret through a mutual friend. He gave me a last life session. I wasn’t sure what to expect but went into it with an open mind and figured the univers would guide us where I needed to go. Rewind 10 years prior. I was married to a naracissts who used my dreams and goals against me and called me selfish for having a desire to be more. After our divorce, he told me he was going to make it his mission in life to make my life a living hell. Since then, he has taken me to court 3 to 4 times a year and has made numerous attempts to ruin very special moments in my life. Over time, anxiety was created by my own fear of having to deal with him. Most nights I fell asleep in thoughts of the issues he had caused, and woke the next day in those same thoughts. I lived in anxiety with a knot in my chest and a weight on my back and I waited for more court papers or other issues that he would cause. In my last life, I came across a girl in the night darkness in the desert. As I traveled through this last life of mine, I realized this girl was attached to the darkness of my exhusband because in another life, I did not help her cross over. In my last life, I carried her in my arms and held her up to the desert sky. The sky opened up and she was taken out of my arms. There was light all around her and she suddenly felt light and free. The vision was beautiful. She was gone, and I moved into another life. It was Garret that took me to this moment through his guidance in his last life session. As I realized she was attached to the darkness of my xhusband I knew she was where his anger came from. Since the session, about 2 weeks ago. There has been no word from my ex husband, and I have not thought about him or any of the pain he has caused from the passed. Its like he never existed. All the pain, all the memories and hurt are gone. It’s like it died, or even better, its as if none of it has happened. This truly is remarkable.  Memories of abuse to myself and to my kids (they are older now), memories of vacations he tried to ruin, the lies he told, the things he stole from my boys and I. So many awful memories that haunted me daily are gone. I am so thankful for this session. It gave me clarity, it gave me closure and it closed doors that should have been closed a long time ago. It was an excellent experience. 


Thanks again!! I am so glad I did a last life. You are very gifted!

-Shanell Cleaveland


I finished my QHHT session! 

Just wow!!

I connected with a past life, I cried (i am not a big crier either) but I did some deep healing work and forgiveness. ❣

I laughed with my guilds and connected with my higher self. 🦋I got answers to questions I needed and saw the connection with my witchcraft in a past life. 

This was incredible!! I am now ready to let go, be still and listen to my higher self.


I highly recommend Garret Petrov

To anyone who want to take this journey, heal and grow. 

Love and light ⚡


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