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What Is The Soul Profile?

The Soul Profile is a 5+ page report that details who you are at Soul-level. Understanding your Divine nature—back to its original source when the soul was created—can assist you in making choices that will align you with your Divine Path in this incarnation and help you restore your divine energy flow. Information within The Soul Profile will be a key factor in helping you understand how your Soul has shaped its human experience thus far.



• Learn your Divine Energy Centers

• Learn your Soul/Galactic Group Family

• Find your Souls Vibration Rate

• Soul Specialization

• How many Spirit Guides are currently working with you

• Locate Negative Entity Attachments Past-Life and Present

• Locate Contracts no Longer in Your Highest Good

• Locate Unjustified/Justified karma no Longer in Your Highest Good

• Locate Curses, Spells, Pacts or Bindings no Longer in Your highest      Good

• Chakra Imbalances

• Find Energy Imbalances

• How Many Incarnations you have had

• Find your Souls age in Linear years

Level 1 We will looking at who you are on Soul level and finding all negative energy Influences from past and present life that no longer serve your highest good.  When clearing energy from your Akashic Records, we must do this in layers as not to disrupt your natural flow in your current life.


Some may find that their souls have done an amazing job at clearing negative influences throughout incarnations. A Soul Realignment will not be necessary on some occasions. 


There is a 21 Day Transmutation clearing period that ensures and bonds the soul Realignment for you. 

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