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Garret Petrov
Spiritual Path Mentor  
Akashic Records Channel


One Soul Healing

I currently live in the Black Hills of South Dakota where I operate my full time heart focused business - One Soul Healing, LLC. 


Eight years ago, after abusing my physical and mental with drugs and alcohol for more than 15 years, I found myself in state of illness, kidneys malfunctioning, dropping to my knees, begging for help from anyone or thing. During that period of illness and discomfort, something was changing that I could not describe. I woke up one morning and I had what I understand now as a complete New Awareness Awakening. A healing took place almost overnight that I call my “Holy instant healing.” In that moment of clarity, I had no recollection of drug abuse, no withdrawal symptoms, just the awareness/awakening that it was time to shift my life and purpose. From that day forward, I started my journey to the True Self, to be of service to others instead the self. 

I began studying energy and how others who had miraculous healing experiences like mine. This led me to discover that I had the ability to help myself and others in creating lifesaving changes on the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level through transformational energy healing. 

Over the years I have been blessed to be able to learn different modalities that allow me to blend my work into various avenues of healing and transformation for others.  Working daily with each of these modalities, I have been able to help thousands of individuals around the world to find their healing within themselves which allows them to transform their health, everyday life, as well as their life purpose and path.  (continue)


Akashic Record Readings 

• Soul Power Profile  •Personal Power Profile 

• StarSeed Origins


Akashic Records Masterclass 

Learn to Open Your Akashic Records & Read for Others


Akashic Record

Facilitate a StarSeed Reading within the Akashic Records


Ancestral Alchemy 

Healing the Wounds & Patterns of Your Ancestral Lineage

Counsel & Healing


Navigating Your Experience with Insight from Spirit/Higher-Self

& Healing Energy Enhancements 


Bioenergy Field Clearing & Upgrade 

Clearing & Upgrades Using Ancient Sacred Geometry


Beyond Quantum
Healing / QHHT

Journey to the Past to Heal the Present


Gift Certificate

Give the Give of Healing


Navigating Through Your Ascension 

Coming Into Being...

12 Week



Wheel of Time


Journey to the Past

to Heal the Present


Wheel of Time


For Practitioners

Certification Workshop

Boi-Well Logo.JPG


Image Scanning the for the Wellness of the Energetic Body, Meridians and Organs


Kundalini Reiki Master Course 

Online Reiki Master Certification Course


Kundalini Reiki

The Next Level of

Energy Medicine

Grand Master Certification


A Course in Miracles
Study Group

Starting the Week of

January 8, 2024


“I really don't know where to begin when describing Garret's gifts. I have had several different readings with him. Those readings have been spot on and very enlighten. 

My latest "Adventures with Garret" was the Bio-Energy Clearing and Attunement. BTW....the best gift I have given myself. This goes into 3 levels or sessions. After our first session my energy flow was off the charts. Before if I had any energy work on might last a few the point of being right back to where I was before.

I felt a shift during our first session, starting with my energy...I was sustaining it longer and longer. Meditations became easier and fun. Before...meditations felt like a chore. 


Our second session has left me with a shift not only in energy again but a different mindset. I'm a totally different person I was before I started these sessions. My diet has changed and my love for myself is greater than I could ever imagine. I now do daily maintenance on my spiritual self. I have a better understanding of who I am as a spiritual being. Stepping out of my spiritual more fear. Fear of being judged and laughed I've been given the tools to know my truth.

Not only does Garret give you a reading but he also helps you uncover the underlying issues that needs healing. He has the gift of helping you to pick through the muck of crap that you have hidden away....the untouchable. I call it the untouchable because its years of trauma hurt and guilt that you never wanted to see again. Garret's energy is so gentle and kind....he gives you the strength to move forward ...healing the untouchable. 

As I told Garret he found the key to the door that I've been trying to unlock since the beginning of my awakening journey. I could honestly cry out of joy. My gifts are starting to unfold along with my soul remembering.

Life will never be the same as before since Garret has shared his amazing gifts with me. I thank the universe for listening to my cries for help and Garret showing up.

I love Garret on a soul level and so thankful I found a gifted Being I trust with my soul.”

Bioenergy Field attunement & Upgrade

- Susan Gamez 

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