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Akashic Wheel of Time

facilitator MASTERCLASS


The Akashic Records, can be thought of as an energetic super computer system or database that contains the entire history of every soul since Creation. They hold the story of your soul’s evolution from its inception up until the present time. They are the sum of all knowledge, past and present, and they contain the possibility of the unfolding of all future events (based on the choices we make). The Akashic Records are interactive in that they have an incredible influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us.  


The vast wisdom of the universe, the wisdom of the ages, Life, and creation are held within the Akashic Records. The records are essentially a compendium of all knowledge of the human experience encoded and stored in a non-physical plane of existence called the Akasha. Some see the Akashic Records as Library of knowledge and wisdom.  Others may see it as a dimensional space or landscape. Each person will experience the records in their own unique way. The Akashic Records are a vibratory location that stores possible futures, probable futures, the present, and the past.


The Akashic Records can provide unlimited guidance and are always available for inspiration in your life. They are the guiding light that you have been looking for. It is as if someone handed you a magical crystal ball! If you simply look at it and trust it, it will provide an unlimited View of what your future can’t be like. It can guide you in making the right choices from the many that are available to you at any given moment. They function as a road map or GPS that can guide you on your journey.


Your personal journey of inquiry begins with asking honoring, respectful, and delightfully curious questions that can be your access portal to the Records. When you asking well-crafted, insightful questions, it opens you to more, to richer understanding of systems and life and universe beyond what you already know. Asking guidance from the Akashic Records becomes an exploration of your life and Being. Those questions bring rich, complex answers and open pathways for more in your own life. This training will help raise your self-awareness to better understand yourself the world around you, your family and friends, and we’ll give you a greater awareness that inspires you to make your optimal choices in your life.






I have been actively working within the Akashic Records as a Channeler for over 7 years. Through this heart focused work, I have been able to provide life changing insight, information, guidance, clarity and healing to clients that assists them in creating new path’s and choices to enhance and expand their journey and experiences while in this current incarnation.


I have also worked for many years as a Hypnosis practitioner, taking many clients into personal and collective journeys through a hypnosis state to travel into past and probable future lives to find answers they are seeking, and to experience many forms of healing that take place during the session and journey. 


During a past life regression, I have found myself and the client being guided through the deep meditative/theta state through the Akashic Records along with a group of Guides I call “The Collective.” I am given insight while the client is on their journey to assist in guiding them through lifetimes and experiences they are remembering. This has been beneficial in many ways as it has allowed me to see what the client is experiencing thus, I am able to guide the client through their journey by asking and creating vital questions that will assist the client to move through the experience to find the answers that are important for their current incarnation. These questions stimulate the clients visual and right brain hemisphere where their creativity and connections resides.


Through a journey into past or probable future life experiences, the client is connected to what we will call “The Wheel of Time.” The Wheel of Time can be seen as an infinite energetic cycle of lives experienced on Earth, future incarnations, as well as other worldly dimensional densities. Your Soul has dwelled in many different life forms. As a Soul incarnates on Earth, they transition, or step off the Wheel of Time and activate a personal Soul crystal in a space called the “Cave of Creation” deep in a dimensional space within the Earth. This crystal and space stores and records all of the Earthly incarnations. The Soul has now begun its journey and begins to record every thought, word, deed, action and experience through the Akashic Records Earth grid. The Wheel of Time is constant as one may experience a short life and then connects back onto the wheel ready for the next journey. 


The Wheel of Time continues its energetic cycle waiting for the Soul to transition back into non-physical where the Soul and its Guides decide where, when and what is next in ones evolution. Each experience/incarnation is also recorded on the Wheel of Time and Akashic Records so that one can refer back to it as to what experiences we will need to repeat for completion, or evolve forward from certain lesson/experiences for spiritual growth.


In this workshop we will learn how to take a client on a journey along the Akashic Wheel of Time through a deep meditative/theta state. The journey begins by taking the client through an attunement into the Akashic Records which activates and connects the client to their Records, Soul matrix, Karmic files, past and probable future lifetimes. 


The client will then be guided to connect with their Guides and Teachers that will assist and guide your client to connect with a space and time and gently help them step off the Wheel of Time along a path they have been before. As the connection is made, we begin the meditative/theta state induction journey by using a pre-written meditation script that eases the client into and onto the Akashic Wheel of time. You will learn and experience how to create a rhythm and flow through the frequency and tone of your voice. This allows the client to gently move to the creative right side of their brain, where by, activating their remembering, visualization and connection.


A clients journey on the Akashic Wheel of Time can create a shift in perception in where they are on their current journey and path. Healing can take place instantly, or over a period of time once they understand the influence that has been carried over from other lifetimes. The client will also experience the joy of remembering lifetimes and experiences that can assist them in having a new perspective of their purpose as well as healing, contracts and forgiveness that can be completed in a past life and this current incarnation. 


The client can also move into other dimensional spaces of time where they have lived lives in non-physical, planets, star systems or as Beings not of this world. We are infinite Beings with infinite possibilities to create. The journey and possibilities are endless during a session. This work will assist your client to tap into their OWN intuition and knowing. 


In this workshop you will receive material and step-by-step guidance on how to facilitate a session with a client. We will also do interactive session with each other learning how to navigate through a session with ease. 




If you have never worked within the Akashic Records there is a recommended **option below for an introduction combo Akashic Records and Wheel of Time masterclass to learn how to access both the Akashic Records and training for the Wheel of Time. It is wise to have a clear understanding of how the Akashic Records operate and your connection within the Records flows. 


This introduction to the Akashic class and Wheel of Time masterclass combo will certify you as a practitioner for the “Akashic Wheel of Time” to facilitate sessions for your clients taking them into the deep meditative/theta state. (note: this does not certify for one to facilitate Akashic Readings for others within the Akashic Records) 


If you would like to take the full certification Akashic Records Masterclass to facilitate readings for self and others, you can visit that page on this site to register by clicking HERE


If you have received certification from the Akashic Records masterclass workshop in the past two years, you have already received the knowledge and understanding of working within the Records. You will have the option to take ONLY the Wheel of time certification masterclass. 





If you have taken the Akashic Records Masterclass that I offer and have been certified, OR you have worked within the Akashic Records you will have the knowledge and understanding of accessing the Akashic Records. You can register for the Facilitators Wheel of Time certification Masterclass ONLY. (see below for registration category)


This AWOT (Akashic Wheel of Time) practitioner masterclass includes:

  • 5 week class meetup - once a week

  • Course material - step-by-step facilitating a session

  • Complete instruction and induction script for the Wheel of Time 

  • In class meditative/theta induction practice with Group

  • Recorded Replay of each class

  • Certification of Completion 



PLAN A - Pay in full $250

PLAN B - Payment plan $130 to grab your seat. $130 third week of class or before certification.



PLAN C - Pay in full $333

PLAN D - Payment plan $170 to grab your seat. $170 third week of class or before certification.



If you have never worked within the Akashic Records and are ready to learn how to access and connect with the Records, as well as an understanding of how the Akashic Records operate. This “new student” class option will provide knowledge on accessing the Akashic Records along with the Wheel of Time masterclass. You will be certified to facilitate sessions working within the Akashic Records “Wheel of Time.” 


For the NEW Akashic Records Student/Wheel of Time certification includes:

  • 6 week class meetup - once a week

  • Course material for both Akashic Records and Wheel of Time

  • Attunement to the Akashic Records

  • Clear understanding of how operate energetically within the Akashic Records

  • Complete instruction and induction script for the Wheel of Time

  • In class meditative/theta induction practice with Group

  • Recorded Replay of each class

  • Certification of Completion



PLAN E - Pay in full $350

PLAN F - Payment plan $180 to grab your seat. $180 fourth week of class or before certification.



PLAN G - Pay in full $400

PLAN H - Payment plan $210 to grab your seat. $210 fourth week of class or before certification.

Please select the appropriate PLAN Below. If choosing a payment plan, you will be invoiced the second payment after the third class.


GROUP scheduled class day and time will be determined by the entire group so that everyone can join the class. This will be created the week before the starting week. Everyone will provide their days and times available and the most popular time and day for all will be chosen so all can attend. There will be a Facebook messenger group created for group connection and interaction as well as scheduling. 


PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE schedule class day and time will built around your schedule. 



Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Please contact me at:

Note: By registering for this Masterclass you are agreeing that all material will not be distributed or shared with others.  You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, perform, modify, create derivative works, transmit, or in any way exploit any such content, nor may you distribute any part of this content over any network, including a local area network, sell or offer it for sale, social media.

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