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Advanced Kundalini Reiki 
Grand Master


As consciousness shifts, so does the transformation of the collective, energy and healing work we do for self and others. When I started working with Kundalini Reiki a decade ago the evolution of this modality has shifted, and with that shift, a new transformation of light, energy and information has evolved. In this Advanced Kundalini Reiki Masterclass, the traditional Kundalini Reiki will always be present and eternal as we carry the lineage of Reiki forward. In this now, humanity and students and teachers of Kundalini Reiki are ready for the next level of energy medicine. 


Are you ready for the shift into True Healing?

Are you ready to expand your current reiki and healing practice?

Are you ready to step into your heart focused work to serve at a higher level?

Welcome to the next level of the Kundalini Reiki!! Here is where we set aside all idols and receive direct communication from The One Source/Creator. From this known communication, we will create a space of Unity/Oneness that does not perceive separation. As we embrace this level of awareness, we become the light that lights the path to healing of the mind, body and spirit at the physical and divine level. Here is where we become the “Physician in Spirit,” a reflection of one’s perfection and light.


What is Advanced Kundalini Reiki - The Next Level of Healing?

Kundalini Reiki is an advanced, heart focused (love), precise and effective energy and healing modality that uses direct communication from The One Source/Creator and the Innate Intelligence that resides in the quantum field in transforming ones energy at the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels. This energy system only asks you to be present and to get out of your own way and allow the Universal energy and light to move through you as the conduit of spirit through the physical experience.


In this Next level of HEALING you will learn to experience energy and healing from a more expansive perspective. This perspective and experience will take you into a level of understanding on how all illness, energy misalignment, imbalances are created, resolved and how we can evolve from a disempowered state to an empowered state of being. With this level of awareness, we become the light that lights the path to healing of the mind, body and spirit at the physical and divine level. Here is where we become the “Physician in Spirit,” a reflection of one’s perfection and light. This is a course in “Being” not “doing.” 


For those that have been certified in Kundalini Reiki, this advanced class will allow you to expand, step into and lift your current practice for self and others to a new level of True healing. Do not worry if you have not been certified in Kundalini Reiki or other energy system modalities as there is NO requirements to take this course. This is a “Grand Master” certification masterclass. There is a class option for GROUP and PRIVATE if you’d like to build the class around your schedule. 



Majestic Upgrade Attunements: The next level attunements will continue the lineage of Reiki being passed down to you. These new atttunements will be a higher order of energy and light extended from the 365 levels of ascension that creates a new order and symphony of energy that will be created during a unified session with another in presence and self. There is a melding of all elements of creation that will extend to you, through you and for you as you extend this light and energy into creation.  You will receive 5 NEW in-class attunements throughout the duration of the course. 


Attunement 4: Light Quotient

Attunement 5: Awakened Heart

Attunement 6: The “I AM Presence”

Attunement 7: Master Integration

Grand Master: Codes of Creation


“Spiritual Balancing” of the Energy Ray Centers:  The evolution of the lower 7 rays (chakras) has advanced and evolved. We will be taking on a new approach to the 7 lower rays and and how we can spiritually balance these rays. You will learn how the lower energy rays actually operate with real time visuals that will assist you in spiritually tuning, balancing and harmonizing these lower Rays. You will have a clear understanding how the mental/emotional and environment effects these Rays. Learn a simple method in bringing the lower energy centers into spiritual balance, alignment and harmonization.


This advanced class will then take you through Rays 8 through 22 connecting us into the 4th and 5th dimensional densities of creation that we can tap into energetically and consciously. You will learn how to anchor these higher rays and use them on your healing path and for others. 


Understanding Illness: All illness no matter the form will have a mental/emotional root cause to its creation. There also may be chosen experiences of an illness attached to an emotion/experience in order to evolve from past dream states that could not be experienced at the level of understanding. You will learn how to find the root cause/lesson/core program of the emotion attached to the illness for self or your clients. We will also take an extensive dive deep into the true meaning of sickness in the body and how we can see this from a perspective of spirit. 


Misalignments of the Healer:  We will take a journey into learning how to get out of our own way when doing energy and healing work. Putting the ego aside and allowing our True Spirit/Source to take the reins. Here is where you become the “frequency of the solution.”


Sound Therapy: The next level of healing/therapy is “sound.” You will be introduced to the 9 Solfeggio frequencies and  7 Harmonics. These frequencies are specific sound patterns that stimulate the brain and energy field. We can use them for transformational purposes and can be deeply healing. 


We will break down each frequency tone and their perfect use. You will receive all 9 Solfeggio Frequency tones and 7 Harmonic recordings to use in your sessions and for self. 


Light Quotient Building: Light quotient is bringing greater frequencies of living light to fill every cell of all of our bodies. This serves to anchor one of the most important attributes of God on Earth… Light! As we raise our light quotient, we begin to raise our frequency of each of the four-bodies -mental, emotional, physical and astral (soul body), thus we begin function at the highest level of Christ Light. You will learn how to build your light quotient through your intention, desire and using ascension seats to assist you. 


Enhanced Breath Work: I will introduce a breath process that activates and stimulates the kundalini energy flow. This breath work will activate/stimulate the frontal cortex that will open up your sixth sense, while bringing balance and alignment to the physical and energetic field.


Conducting a Session for a Patient/Client: Learn the highest level of True energy and healing and extending this to a patient/client. Bringing your patient/client into the alignment they are ready to receive. You will receive a step by step approach and client material to unlocking your clients healing at the mental/emotional and physical level. This approach can also be used for self in uncover the root and core program for any challenge. 


  • Integration Meditations

  • In Class breakout Rooms to Practice Energy and Healing with Other Students

  • 7 Master Keys of Intention

  • The Gap - Separation/ Projection of Illness

  • In Class Upgrades

  • Daily in and Out of Class Energy & Healing Practice 

  • Understanding the Teacher / Healer

  • Principles of True Healing

  • Unlock Emotions, Lessons and Core Programs

  • Daily Affirmations

  • Charts and Diagrams

  • Class Material PDF

  • New FaceBook Group

  • Facebook Messenger Group

  • Grand Master Certification



If you have been certified in traditional kundalini reiki by myself or another teacher, this is the next level of kundalini reiki with certification of "Grand Master."


COMBO CLASS: If you are interested in taking the Traditional Kundalini Reiki along with the advanced, I have a special to take both classes to be certified in both Traditional and Advanced. See Below for Pricing. You can also visit the Traditional Kundalini Reiki page here. These two classes will run approximatly 8 weeks together. You will receive material for both classes.

This Advanced Grand Master class will be a 6 week course. Class will meet once a week for approximately 1.5 hours via Zoom. You can choose to engage in a GROUP or PRIVATE. 


*The GROUP Masterclass will begin the week of AUGUST 5, 2024. Actual date and time on the week of AUGUST 5th will be determined by group participation. As a group, we will determine the most popular day and time that we can all gather.  I understand that everyone has a life, so I try to accommodate by scheduling classes this way. 


If you prefer a private one-on-one. The “PRIVATE” workshop will be determined around your schedule. Class can run approx. 1.5 hours and will be held via zoom video conference.

NOTE: If you are living outside the US and want to take the group class, due to the time difference, you can still register for the "GROUP" class and I will make arrangements with you for our class time to be one-on-one. 

AKR GROUP Class:  Energy Exchange: $320

Group Plan (A): Payment in full $320


Group Plan (B): $160 to grab your seat • $160 last payment made week 4


Group Plan (C): $115 to grab your seat • $115 2nd payment week 2 • $115 3rd payment made week 5


Group Plan (D): $90 to grab your seat • $90 2nd payment made week 2 • $90 3rd payment made week 4 •

$90 4th payment made week 6 


AKR PRIVATE Class: Energy Exchange $400

Private Plan (E): Payment in Full $400


Private Plan (F): $210 to grab your seat • $210 2nd payment week 4


Private Plan (G): $140 to grab your seat, $140 2nd payment made week 4 • $140 3rd payment made week 6

Private Plan (H): $115 to grab your seat, $115 2nd payment made week 2 • $115 3rd payment made week 4

$115 4th payment made week 6

Combo Class: Energy Exchange $499  Includes both Traditional & Advanced

Combo Plan (I): Payment in Full $499


Combo Plan (J): $250 to grab your seat • $250 2nd payment week 4

To register for your seat, please choose either GROUP, PRIVATE or COMBO and payment (plan) below. Once I receive your submission, I will contact you via the email you provide with further instructions. Any questions please email me at or DM me on Facebook messenger. 

Welcome to the Journey... Blessings

This workshop does not to replace any medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevent any disease. It does not diagnose conditions or perform medical treatments of any kind and will not interfere with the treatment of any medical professional. Please seek medical advise first when necessary. This workshop is an added alternative to your already, if any, current therapy and self-work.

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