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Spirit-Led Counsel & Healing

Meeting and connection with spirit


















Spirit-Led is the meeting and connection between your human experience and Spirit. This relationship allows Spirit to come through to provide insight and information to questions you may have on this journey. Spirit oversees from a more advanced perspective, a birds eye view of the whole picture of what is being presented. From this view, Spirit can provide us with a greater understanding and direction on challenges that have been created and will present a higher perspective on the path we have chosen, why we have chosen it, and how to move along that path to healing and empowerment.


  • Are you in a shift or transition in your life where you could use some valuable insight on how to navigate this shift?

  • Are you seeking wisdom and counseling from your Higher-Self to assist you in any area of your life?

  • Are you ready to open your mind and heart to a grater understanding and healing?


In this one-on-one session, Spirit / Higher-Self will provide guidance that will allow you to begin to identify where you are from this higher perspective. From this knowing you can begin to make new choices along your path. Spirit will also guide us through an energy enhancement and any healing requested.  



  • Insight on questions you may have

  • Guidance on where you are vibrationally and the best way to navigate through your experience

  • Spirit-Led healing

  • Energy enhancement extended and delivered through spirit 

  • Recording of your session

Session runs approximately 45min to 1 hour. Once you register, I will then follow up with an email with instructions and to set up our session via zoom. Begin to formulate questions you may have for Spirit so you are prepared to maximize your session and receive the most valuable insight for yourself.

Energy Exchange: $75 

Spirit-Led Mentorship


In this mentorship program, you will receive 4 personal one-on-one zoom sessions connecting and channeling Spirit/Higher-Self. We will come together with a clear intention to receive guidance and wisdom that will assist you on your journey. Here is where we will work on various areas of your life that you would like assistance and guidance. We will build on each session and recap what you have learned and experienced from the last session and guidance. These sessions can assist you in making new aligned choices in your life and create positive expansive experiences. Here is where we take steps forward instead of backwards.



  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Spiritual Practices

  • Family

  • Business

  • Abundance

  • Healing

  • The Next Step

  • Enhancing Gifts & Abilities 

  • And MORE!

The advantage of this mentorship is that you will be receiving 4 sessions for the price of 2 standard single sessions. These sessions are recorded for replay. Sessions are built around your schedule and run approx 1 hour. Once you register, I will follow up with and email to set up our first session. 

Energy Exchange: $150

This session is not to replace any medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevent any disease. I do not diagnose conditions or perform medical treatments of any kind and will not interfere with the treatment of any medical professional. Please seek medical advise first when necessary. This session is an added alternative to your already, if any, current therapy. 


I have been assisting and guiding others with insight on their path through the Akashic Records for almost a decade. Within these sessions, counsel has been been given through a higher power that comes through the field of the Records for each individual. With the winds of change, I have been guided by this higher power to now channel Spirit/Higher-Self for individuals so they may receive guidance to assist them along their journey. With the journey ever shifting, we seek to be Spirit-Led so that we may navigate this experience to our fullest potential, abundance and wellbeing. 

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We will be in touch shortly after checkout with more information and instructions to set up your session!

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