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Galactic Starseed Origins


Are you ready to connect to your StarSeed Lineage(s) and Origins you've incarnated into and experienced? 


This session is not to distract you from your current Earth ascension but to show and express your multidimensionality and connection to your StarSeed origins. We are ancient souls and carry a divine encoded wisdom from the stars. 


I have been working within the Akashic Records along with guidance at the Galactic level to create a Galactic StarSeed template session for future contact and or, reconnecting with our StarSeed lineage. In this Galactic reading you will come to understand your incarnation origins as Star Beings, the different races you chose to experience and how to use this knowledge to connect and activate your blueprint that is held from these levels in human form. 


Those on their path to greater awareness, consciousness and ascension have a clear knowing that there is more to our Souls journey than just incarnating onto the Earth plane, and that humans are not the only sentient life-form in the universe.


Have you ever looked up into the night sky and felt a connection with a cluster of stars or a brilliant planet? You may be sensing your soul's connection to a previous or future existence. It's possible that you can feel this connection all the way down to your bones, given that you come from Stardust and have been imbued with divine light. We did not originate directly from far away star systems because we are created from Source Consciousness, but over thousands of incarnations we have developed a galactic family history by experiencing incarnations on other planets and star systems.


When we think or imagine where we have been and what we have created, we can explore the possibility that Earth was one of many experiments conducted when extraterrestrial cultures worked to seed stars and planets to build new worlds. When we transition from our human physical vessel we are presented with many choices to either reincarnate back to Earth or choose a cosmic experience to allow our Soul to learn and grow. As souls that wander through space and time we can considered other worlds, realms and planetary systems across the multiverse. Our Souls may have been reborn thousands of times in this manner and we are currently leading parallel lives in different locations over a number of spacetime platforms.


Who are StarSeeds?

“Star” they have lived incarnations and have journeyed from the stars and star lineages beyond our know galaxy. “Seed” They come to Earth to seed the planet to raise its vibration to assist Earth’s ascension as well as humanity. 


StarSeeds have made a conscious decision  to come to our planet to help it become a higher version of itself and to help those who are ready to ascend to a higher dimension and to also expand their own Souls evolution. They are here to help fix what we have broken as a species. StarSeeds bring their light to places on the planet that need it, helping humans who fall into darkness. They will support other people as they move through their own challenges learning to love themselves at the same time. The power of their energy and light is shared across the globe and help anyone needing their assistance. They are also here to play and bring joy and creativity to our planet.

  • StarSeeds have a deep, personal connection to other stars, planets, galaxies and universes


  • Have lived many lives in different galaxies before this one but have chosen to live a three-dimensional, human experience 


  • Have complete knowing through their intuition and psychic abilities. They use their superpowers. They tend to know things before it happens


  • They know they are here to assist the Earth and humanity at this time


  • They are human star beings walking amongst us


  • Very empathetic and are able to relate to people and animals


  • Do not like rules or restrictions


  • Feel passionately about the Earth, the environment and the animals that live here


  • Are peaceful and cannot stand conflict 


  • They feel a special kinship with the stars and cosmos


  • Their dreams are incredibly vivid that allows them to visit other worlds and dimensions


  • Have a keen interest in understanding metaphysics based on knowledge gained from previous star lifetimes


  • Very creative, making bold statements. They do not hold back


  • They are natural energy healers


If you have connected or resinated with any or all of the above, then you are ready to remember and connect with your StarSeed origins. 



The StarSeed Reading

The “StarSeed Reading” takes you on a deeper journey into your Star Lineage, Galactic, Cosmic and Universal experiences you have chosen to incarnate to learn, grow and experience as an eternal Divine Consciousness. 


In this channeled and recorded reading, I will connect into your Galactic Akashic Records field where I will connect with your Star Lineages you have incarnated into to learn and grow. We will find the most important star groups where you have spent time on missions, the attributes you carry from each star group and messages they would like you to receive. I will provide a recorded report of my findings so that you have time to listen and take notes about your star family. Once you receive your StarSeed recording, we will set up a day and time via zoom to go over everything and answer your questions. We will also create a Galactic holding template and conduct the following below - "WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE & CREATE"



• Recorded Audio of Channeling and Galactic StarSeed Lineage Names/Information

• Cosmic Blueprint Activation

• Cosmic Fear Matrix Removal Program

• DNA Recoding & Awakening

• Galactic StarSeed Family Light Code Integration

• Vibrational increase Theory/Application

• Personal Vibrational Cycles (per sec) Evaluation

• Connection/Alignment Meditation Connecting you to your Families for Remembrance.

• Preparation Tools for Future Contact

• Recorded Zoom Session


If you are called to GEEK out with the Galactics, please click on the link below for registration. Once I receive your registration you will receive a follow up email with instructions. 

Once you receive your recorded channeled information about your StarSeed origins from me, we will then set up a day and time via zoom to meet to go over the information found as well the above "WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE & CREATE." Please allow 1+ hour for the zoom session. 


If you have questions before you register you can email me at:

PROMO: Promotions will be available occasionally. If you have a promo code, you will receive the current discount. Please place your "promotion code" in the appropriate section of the registration for the appropriate energy exchange. 




This session is not to replace any medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevent any disease. I do not diagnose conditions or perform medical treatments of any kind and will not interfere with the treatment of any medical professional. Please seek medical advise first when necessary. This session is an added alternative to your already, if any, current therapy. 

We will be in touch shortly after checkout to schedule your session

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