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Akashic StarSeed Masterclass

facilitate akashic starseed readings


















It’s possible that you can feel this connection all the way down to your bones, given that you come from Stardust and have been imbued with divine light. We did not originate directly from far away star systems because we are created from Source Consciousness, but over thousands of incarnations we have developed a galactic family history by experiencing incarnations on other planets and star systems.


When we think or imagine where we have been and what we have created, we can explore the possibility that Earth was one of many experiments conducted when extraterrestrial cultures worked to seed stars and planets to build new worlds. When we transition from our human physical vessel we are presented with many choices to either reincarnate back to Earth or choose a cosmic experience to allow our Soul to learn and grow. As souls that wander through space and time we can considered other worlds, realms and planetary systems across the multiverse. Our Souls may have been reborn thousands of times in this manner and it is also possible that we are leading parallel lives in different locations over a number of space-time platforms. 


Through our Earth incarnations we come here to not only assist the Earth and humanity through our ascension, but we come to understand the contrast of good/bad, light/dark etc. So too are your experiences and lifetimes on other planets and star systems.


The three-dimensional Earth world is in constant shift and change and maintains a healthy balance between physical and non-physical. This balance allows Starseeds to dwell among us so that they may use this space to work through karmic cycles of rebirth that occur on Earth, as well as to assist humanity and Earths ascension. 



Starseeds are here for a very specific mission: to have a human experience, to raise the energetic vibration of the planet in order to improve the quality of life. They are here to help fix what we have broken as a species. Starseeds bring their light to places on the planet that need it, helping humans who fall into darkness. They will support other people as they move through their own challenges learning to love themselves at the same time. The power of their energy and light is shared across the globe and help anyone needing their assistance. They are also here to play and bring joy and creativity to our planet. 



In this class you will learn how to connect to Galactic Starseed Lineage groups through the Akashic Records. You will use the information provided to connect and channel Starseed groups for yourself or others. There are many ways and possibilities to access this information. In this class, you will have several options that may assist you in channeling, connecting and accessing information.


Many believe they do not have the ability to access the Akashic Records. I have come to understand and have been shown in my 10 years working in the Records that WE ARE the Akashic Records. We hold all the wisdom of this field of information. The one thing that stops us from connecting is the underlying form of fear, unworthiness, comparing ourselves to others abilities. It is not the Records and information you are afraid of, but yourself. Let us put this old programming aside and allow yourself to be open to receive. The key to receiving is to enjoy, have fun, and play in this filed of information. 


I have created the material and class outline so that you can use specific tools to assist you long the way. I have always stated when working within the Akashic Records to use your, “intuition and knowing first, tools second.” It is easier than you feel and know in this moment to access the Galactic field of the Akashic Records. You do not have to have had any formal training to achieve this connection. 


• 50+ Page Manual

• Learn How to Access the Akashic Galactic Realm

• Opening & Closing Induction/Intention

• Complete List of Current StarSeeds Currently on the Planet

• Channeled Information & Insight on Each Starseed Group

• How to Facilitate a StarSeed Reading (Step-by-Step)

• Client Reading Material & Script

• Graphs & Charts


The StarSeed  Masterclass will be a 4 week course. Class will meet once a week for approximately 1 hour via Zoom. You can choose to engage in a GROUP or PRIVATE. 


The GROUP Masterclass will begin the week of APRIL 22, 2024. Actual date and time on the week of APRIL 22nd will be determined by group participation. As a group, we will determine the most popular day and time that we can all gather.  I understand that everyone has a life, so I try to accommodate by scheduling classes this way. 


If you prefer a private one-on-one. The “PRIVATE” workshop will be determined around your schedule. Class can run approx. 1 hour and will be held via zoom video conference.

NOTE: If you are living outside the US and want to take the group class, due to the time difference, you can still register for the "GROUP" class and I will make arrangements with you for our class time to be one-on-one. 

StarSeed GROUP Class:  Energy Exchange: $230

Group Plan (A): Payment in full $230


Group Plan (B): $120 to grab your seat • $120 last payment made week 2


StarSeed PRIVATE Class: Energy Exchange $275

Private Plan (D): Payment in Full $275


Private Plan (E): $140 to grab your seat • $140 2nd payment week 2

To register for your seat, please choose either GROUP, PRIVATE, payment in full or payment (plan) below. Once I receive your submission, I will contact you via the email you provide with further instructions. Any questions please email me at or DM me on Facebook messenger. 


Those on their path to greater awareness, consciousness and ascension have a clear knowing that there is more to our Souls journey than just incarnating onto the Earth plane, and that humans are not the only sentient life-form in the universe. 


Have you ever looked up into the night sky and felt a connection with a cluster of stars or a brilliant planet? You may be sensing your soul’s connection to a previous or future existence.

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