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Akashic Wheel of Time























The Akashic Records can provide unlimited guidance and are always available for inspiration in your life. They are the guiding light that you have been looking for. It is as if someone handed you a magical crystal ball! If you simply look at it and trust it, it will provide an unlimited View of what your future can’t be like. It can guide you in making the right choices from the many that are available to you at any given moment. They function as a road map or GPS that can guide you on your journey.



I have been actively working within the Akashic Records as a Channeler for over 10 years. Through this heart focused work, I have been able to provide life changing insight, information, guidance, clarity and healing to clients that assists them in creating new path’s and choices to enhance and expand their journey and experiences while in this current incarnation.


I have also worked for many years as a Hypnosis practitioner, taking many clients into personal and collective journeys through a hypnosis state to travel into past and probable future lives to find answers they are seeking, and to experience many forms of healing that take place during the session and journey. 


During a past life regression, I have found myself and the client being guided through the meditative/theta with a group of Guides I call “The Collective,” as well as the clients Oversoul/Higherself and their Guides and teachers in non-physical. I am given insight while the client is on their journey to assist in guiding them through lifetimes and experiences they are remembering. This has been beneficial in many ways as it has allowed me to see what the client is experiencing thus, I am able to guide the client through their journey by asking and creating vital questions that will assist the client to move through the experience to find the answers that are important for their current incarnation. These questions stimulate the clients visual and right brain hemisphere where their creativity and connections resides.


Through a journey into past or probable future life experiences, the client is connected to what we will call “The Wheel of Time.” The Wheel of Time can be seen as an infinite energetic cycle of lives experienced on Earth, future incarnations, as well as other worldly dimensional densities. Your Soul has dwelled in many different life forms. As a Soul incarnates on Earth, they transition, or step off the Wheel of Time and activate a personal Soul crystal in a space called the “Cave of Creation” deep in a dimensional space within the Earth. This crystal and space stores and records all of the Earthly incarnations. The Soul has now begun its journey and begins to record every thought, word, deed, action and experience through the Akashic Records Earth grid. The Wheel of Time is constant as one may experience a short life and then connects back onto the wheel ready for the next journey. 


The Wheel of Time continues its energetic cycle waiting for the Soul to transition back into non-physical where the Soul and its Guides decide where, when and what is next in ones evolution. Each experience/incarnation is also recorded on the Wheel of Time and Akashic Records so that you can refer back to it as to what experiences we will need to repeat for completion, or evolve forward from certain lesson/experiences for spiritual growth.


In this session we will be taking a journey along the Akashic Wheel of Time through a deep meditative/theta state. The journey begins by taking the client through an attunement into the Akashic Records which activates and connects the client to their Records, Soul matrix, Karmic files, past and probable future lifetimes.


You will then be guided to connect with your Guides and Teachers that will assist you in connecting with a space and time and gently help you along a path and journey you have been on before. As the connection is made, we begin the meditative/theta state induction journey that will ease you into and onto the Akashic Wheel of time. This allows you to gently move to the creative right side of their brain, where by, activating your remembering, visualization and connection. This a beautiful, safe, expansive and most relaxing space to experience. 


Along the journey you may encounter past lives where you were unable to resolve or complete contracts with another soul or, unhealed wounds that you were not able to move through because you did not consciously understand how to in that lifetime. These contracts and unhealed wounds or trauma can carry over into each lifetime in different forms until resolved. What you may be experiencing as a challenge in this current incarnation could be the influence overlay from the past expressing itself in the form of the challenge. In this session you will see and experience those lives from a very new perspective, thus healing and new choices can be made instantly or in your time through the understanding of that lifetime and experiences. 

Your journey on the Akashic Wheel of Time can create a shift in perception in where they are on their current journey and path. Healing can take place instantly, or over a period of time once they understand the influence that has been carried over from other lifetimes. You will also experience the joy of remembering lifetimes and experiences that can assist one in having a new perspective of their purpose as well as healing, contracts and forgiveness that can be completed in a past life and this current incarnation. 


During the journey you may also move into other dimensional spaces of time where you have lived lives in non-physical, planets, star systems or as Beings not of this world. We are infinite Beings with infinite possibilities to create. The journey and possibilities are endless during a session. 


What you may experience through this journey/session

  • Healing at the physical and mental/emotional

  • Clarity on your current path

  • Connection with your team of Guides and Teachers in non-physical

  • Connections to other dimensions, spaces, planets, star systems and more

  • Higher Knowing and Intuition 

  • Past Lives Lived 

  • Connecting with Loved ones that have crossed over

  • Clarity and answers you have been seeking

  • A release of past life trauma and contracts

  • Probable future lives yet experienced 

  • Questions answered through your Oversoul/Higher-self

  • And MORE!


This session runs approximately 2+ hours. You will receive preparation and instruction material several days before your session to assist you in getting ready for your session. Session will be recorded for replay


When doing the session remotely online, via zoom video conference, you will need:

  • Strong secure wi-fi

  • Computer or other device fully charged

  • A quiet space uninterrupted for at least 2+ hours

  • Laying down with pillow under head is preferred 

  • Your computer or device set up hands free and a distance away from where you are laying down so that your upper body can be seen.

  • Headphones (not required) can be used and are helpful as they allow you to hear me and for me to hear you clearly if you speak softly. The cord needs to long enough to connect to your device that is a distance from you. (cordless headphones are perfect)

  • If you need to check your set up with me, we can coordinate a zoom call a couple days before the session to make sure everything is in order. 




To register for your session, please fill out the form below and make your payment. Once I receive your registration, I will promptly send you and email with instructions and your preparation material as well as setting up our session day and time. If you have any questions you can email me or direct message me via Facebook messenger. 


Blessings and looking forward to our journey together! 

For any questions please contact me at:

This session is not to replace any medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevent any disease. I do not diagnose conditions or perform medical treatments of any kind and will not interfere with the treatment of any medical professional. Please seek medical advise first when necessary. This session is an added alternative to your already, if any, current therapy.



The Akashic Records, can be thought of as an energetic super computer system or database that contains the entire history of every soul since Creation. They hold the story of your soul’s evolution from its inception up until the present time. They are the sum of all knowledge, past and present, and they contain the possibility of the unfolding of all future events (based on the choices we make). The Akashic Records are interactive in that they have an incredible influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us.

The vast wisdom of the universe, the wisdom of the ages, Life, and creation are held within the Akashic Records. The records are essentially a compendium of all knowledge of the human experience encoded and stored in a non-physical plane of existence called the Akasha. Some see the Akashic Records as Library of knowledge and wisdom.  Others may see it as a dimensional space or landscape. Each person will experience the records in their own unique way. The Akashic Records are a vibratory location that stores possible futures, probable futures, the present, and the past.

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