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Soul Reading & Personal Reading


• Learn your Divine Energy Centers

• Learn your Soul/Galactic Group Family

• Find your Souls Vibration Rate

• Soul Specialization

• How many Spirit Guides are currently working with you

• Locate Negative Entity Attachments Past-Life and Present

• Locate Contracts no Longer in Your Highest Good

• Locate Unjustified/Justified karma no Longer in Your Highest Good

• Locate Curses, Spells, Pacts or Bindings no Longer in Your highest      Good

• Chakra Imbalances

• Find Energy Imbalances

• How Many Incarnations you have had

• Find your Souls age in Linear years

Level 1 We will looking at who you are on Soul level and finding all negative energy Influences from past and present life that no longer serve your highest good.  When clearing energy from your Akashic Records, we must do this in layers as not to disrupt your natural flow in your current life.


Some may find that their souls have done an amazing job at clearing negative influences throughout incarnations. A Soul Realignment will not be necessary on some occasions. 


There is a 21 Day Transmutation clearing period that ensures and bonds the soul Realignment for you. 

PLEASE NOTE: The level 1 reading is done WITHOUT you present. The contact information you provide holds an energy signature within your records for me to pull the information. From there a 5+ page detail report is sent to you to go over at your leisure. Once you have looked over your report we will set up a time to go over it and answer any questions.


In this reading, you will proved a maximum of 15 questions that you will send to me in separate email that you'd like to ask within your records. Questions can be related to challenges you are currently experiencing in this lifetime, health, career, abundance, family, relationships, struggles, spiritual and more. If you ask about people in your life, please provide their full names and relationship to you. 

• emotional, mental, or physical health challenges

• unhealthy relationships, whether with partners, family, friends,      coworkers; (Please provide full name and relationship)

• how many lifetimes you have had with loved ones, relationships

• blocks around money, finances, or career;

• unresolved traumas, fears, or recurring negative experiences or      beliefs.

• In-depth look at your Spirit Guides if they choose to come forward.

• current life situations and lessons;

• energy imbalances at mental, emotional, and physical levels.

Level 2 We will be looking at your personal challenges you may be experiencing in your current life. We will find the blocks and restrictions that are influencing these issues which will help bring a greater understanding to why they are occurring. This process will always have personal inner work needing to be done to promote healing at its highest level. The final goal is that you begin to change your thoughts and behaviors at the mental, emotional and physical level bringing you into alignment with your divine path and purpose. 

Contact me with any questions you may have about level 1 and level 2. 

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