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Forensic Healing is an effective modality that will release pain, trauma and stress on many levels. This work has the ability to answer questions regarding chronic physical and mental/emotional conditions that have been a challenging in one’s life. Not only does it work at the physical, mental/emotional, but spiritual as well. 


A person’s current state of health, energy, mental/emotional, and more, can be a direct result of their past experiences as well as past lives. These emotions, thoughts and unbalanced energy can be imprinted and stored in the cells, DNA and energy fields. 


Just as a Forensic detective searches for who, what, when, where and why clues in a crime scene, a Forensic practitioner will find the clues and answers to one’s challenges within the energy field and release it with over 90+ healing pathways. A Forensic practitioner will investigate a client’s past using biofeedback methods to uncover and identify the root cause and stress that created misalignment in the client’s energy field. After all the information is gathered, the practitioner then applies the most-appropriate healing and transformational pathway to release the challenge. 


Forensic Healing has the ability to bring a greater awareness and understanding to deep rooted challenges that one may be experiencing. Once we understand the root cause, we can then begin to transform our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual journey. 




• Profile a client, identify negative life patterns, archetype, emotions, belief systems and more


• Transforms and aligns the energy field


• Activates spontaneous healing forces in the body for immediate changes


• Removes the negative conditioning stored in the DNA and cell memory


• Uses secrets from ancient scripts combined with advance scientific methods


• Utilizes healing pathways that use physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual elements


• Transform deeply at a soul level by targeting soul facets, fragments, DNA and more


• Removes conditioned programming and disconnects one from the old matrix


• Educates and empowers the client to understand themselves so they leave with new information to move forward in their life and personal transformation.

Session runs approx. 45min-1 hour


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