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Holy Master Healer 




• Do you desire to master TRUE healing?


• Are you ready to extend your Light into the world and surrender to the Higher Power that moves through you? 


• Are you an energy healer practitioner that would like to expand your current modality and are you ready to step onto the path in service of assisting others?


• Would you like to work with Jeshua, the Higher Christ Heart and Mind and the Collective Light to create and transform at the level of True healing for self and others?

You will see miracles through your hands, through me.” ~Jeshua

I have spent the last 8 years working with many energy systems to assist others in their healing and transformation of mind, body, and spirit. As energy healing practitioners, we explore through our sessions on what brings change to one’s experience. What works and what does not. Each individual soul that we assist has something unique that they are working on and transforming through. The journey of the Soul seeks peace, love, joy, freedom, wellness and abundance in all forms. Why, then, is it difficult for some to attain these attributes as the True-Self by nature in every moment? Why do we experience relief for a brief period and then BAM! we are right back where we started.


In our spiritual ascension, in this lifetime of mastering ourselves through transformation work, master teachings, energy healing systems and modalities, food, health, abundance and on and on. We can get lost and overwhelmed with so much information and other personal perspectives - use this and that, study this and that and it becomes an endless cycle of believing we are not worthy when something does not work for us. There is always a perfect balance with this journey of evolution and trying that one thing that just might click and make the difference. In the end, we develop wisdom from the experience and what is in alignment and not in alignment.


Before I had a clear knowing and understanding of what healing actually was, I always looked for the next best thing, the next certificate that would state I am a master, spending oodles of abundance and listening to what others have said to do. All has been perfect and a learning experience that has brought me to where I am in this moment. In my teachings, I assist others in finding the already present power within, to light up the path to their greatness. We are already masters. We just don’t believe it because we have been conditioned and programmed to believe otherwise. So, we continue to be in a constant state through the ego of “seek and do not find.” 


On this journey, I will assist you when you are ready to break the cycle and programming that is part of this journey to remembering the True Self, the True Master Healer, within/without/above/below. I am here to help pull up your remembrance of greatness into creation, and experience the POWER you hold at all levels at the three-dimensional plane and beyond, and to become unshakable. Together, we will learn and experience the tapping into the innate intelligence that is ever present, get out of the mind and the endless stories that keep us trapped and in suffering, illness and fear. To become Holy Master Healers of self and in service to others. We will also work with Jeshua and a collective consciousness I call “The Collective Light.”


Over the years working with many energy systems, I have found that no matter the form of modality or energy system used; it comes down to your faith/knowing foremost, intention, that we are Divine Spirit/Creators in physical form and most important, getting out of our own way/ego and understanding that everything is energy in motion and consciousness. How we direct this reveals if we are in a space of love or fear.



What is “The Holy Master Healer?” The Master Healer goes back to when Jeshua performed what we call miracles, the Christ Heart and Mind Consciousness. Being present in a complete space of love. Knowing the perfection in Self and the One before us and that illness, dis-ease and the body are but an illusion chosen to experience. Here is where we drop the veils, personas and ego which the world has taught us, and we become THE healing through our intention, attention, breath, desire, heart, extending, allowing, faith, surrender, humility and love. You will experience the True Christ energy that you will share with the world. BE Heart centered/awakened, and all healing extends in love from there, outward and beyond.


This course/workshop will prepare and awaken True healing in all forms through the Christ Heart and Mind Consciousness that is already present within. When you’re ready, you will extend and create not only healing beyond what you could imagine, but a life of freedom for self and in Divine service to others. 


What we will extend and receive in this workshop:

  • Weekly channeling and guidance through Jeshua and the Collective Light

  • Learn the Keys to the Kingdom of the Holy Master Healer

  • How to use the power of the Awakened Heart

  • Connect and operate with the innate intelligence field

  • Master healing without gimmicks and false idols

  • Higher perspective on illness, health and its spiritual meaning

  • The purpose and healing of chronic and terminal illness

  • Building of your light quotient

  • Coherence Coding

  • Creating and using energy at the physical level

  • Perceived purpose of sickness and its illusion

  • Greater awareness on focusing your intention, attention, breath, desire, heart, extending, allowing, faith, surrender, humility and love during healing and sessions

  • The mind and its “cause” and “effect”

  • Pitfalls and misalignments of the healer

  • Heal through the lessons and emotions attached to our suffering

  • Higher understanding of the energy centers/chakras while anchoring the 22 energy rays

  • Balancing the meridians and auric field

  • Learn Energy enhancements - Heart Brain Coherence, Etheric Body Burn off, Physical Organ Enhancement

  • Learn how to use the 9 Solfeggio frequencies and harmonic tones

  • Work with and use the Solfeggio tones via SoundCloud

  • Weekly upgrades and meditations through Jeshua and the Collective Light

  • Group and individual healing, transformations and meditations

  • Recorded workshops for replay

  • Facebook page for sharing

  • Study material

  • Certificate of Completion if you desire one

You DO NOT have to have any certifications in any healing system or qualifications to take this workshop. This course does not have any religion attached to its content. It is the awakening to what is already present. 

The "GROUP" course/workshop will begin the week of JUNE 19, 2023. This will be an 8 week course workshop that will meet once a week and continue beyond the workshop completion to keep the energetic container strong. The “GROUP” workshop will begin the week of JUNE 19, 2023. Actual date and time of the week of February 6th will be determined by group participation. Course/Workshop can run approx. 1.5-2 hours and will be held via zoom video conference.


If you prefer a private one-on-one. The “PRIVATE” workshop will be determined around your schedule. Course/Workshop can run approx. 1.5-2 hours and will be held via zoom video conference.

HMH GROUP Workshop:  Energy Exchange: $300

Group Plan (A): Payment in full $300


Group Plan (B): $155 to grab your seat • $155 last payment made week 5


Group Plan (C): $110 to grab your seat • $110 2nd payment week 4 • $110 3rd payment made week 6


Group Plan (D): $85 to grab your seat • $85 2nd payment made week 3 • $85 3rd payment made week 5 • $85 4th payment made week 7 


HMH PRIVATE Workshop: Energy Exchange $400

Private Plan (E): Payment in Full $400


Private Plan (F): $205 to grab your seat • $205 2nd payment week 5


Private Plan (G): $140 to grab your seat, $140 2nd payment made week 4 • $140 3rd payment made week 6

Private Plan (H): $110 to grab your seat, $110 2nd payment made week 3 • $110 3rd payment made week 5

$110 4th payment made week 7


To register for your seat, please choose either GROUP or PRIVATE and payment (plan) below. Once I receive your submission, I will contact you via the email you provide with further instructions. Any questions please email me at

May you find your way here... Blessings

This workshop does not to replace any medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevent any disease. It does not diagnose conditions or perform medical treatments of any kind and will not interfere with the treatment of any medical professional. Please seek medical advise first when necessary. This workshop is an added alternative to your already, if any, current therapy and self-work.

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