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Online Session

ONLINE session

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I have been guided to do past life regression sessions remotely ONLINE. These sessions are just as strong and powerful as being physically together in the same space.


During a past life session, I will help guide you on your journey to visit an appropriate past live(s). I will use the QHHT® technique, as developed by Dolores Cannon and will guide you through one complete life; sometimes 2 lives if it is appropriate.

(Some may not experience a physical earth life but one of higher realms). You are then lead through a few important days in that lifetime to find information that is important to you in that life. If healing and forgiveness are needed in that lifetime this is where the work takes place. You will then be taken to your last day in that lifetime to find if that life may be affecting your present lifetime as well as lessons learned..

This past life regression journey allows you to clear and release any contracts you may have held over lifetimes, remove negative energies that no longer serve you, as well forgiveness that will heal on multiple levels. And so much more!

There are some requirements that are a MUST have to do a session online.

• Must have a very secure internet connection. Wifi can be unreliable so please have a line-to-line connection

• A computer that can be set up so that I can clearly see your head/upper body.

• Headphones with mic for clear connection

• Sacred space with no interruptions. Pets must be outside the room.

The session will be done via “Zoom” You do not need to download anything. The link I provide takes you right to our session. There will be a preset up a few days before the session to make sure everything is set up properly on your end for clear communication and connection.

You will be given preparation material that will assist you in getting ready for your session. The session will also be recorded for replay so that you may listen for detailed and vital information that will help you in the very best way possible.

At this time, I am only available to do these sessions on the weekends. If you have any questions, please private message me on FB messenger or via email at:

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