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Preparing for Session

Male Therapist
Group Discussion

A QHHT® Session


There will be an initial interview before the session that helps me to receive information about your current life. This information can be vital during the session. Many times you will be shown an appropriate present or past life that relates to current issues or other that you may be experiencing in this lifetime. 

Several days before your session it is important to write down questions you may have for your Higher Self. These question could relate to: life purpose, physical health issues, emotional happiness, why certain people are in your life. Our goal is to have all your questions answered in this session. During hypnosis, your Higher Self is in control and will ensure that you are shown in the most loving and safe way, all information that is for your highest good at this time. 

Please wear very comfortable clothes. You will be lying in a quiet, cool room, with a light blanket during the session. We will make sure that any restroom needs are taken care of before the session. Please take only medication or herbal supplements that you regularly consume. Do not take any sleeping aids or drink alcohol the night before or morning of your session.


We will begin with the induction. The induction helps bring you peacefully and safely into the theta state where the journey begins. 

During the QHHT® session you will be shown an appropriate past life experience by your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows everything there is to know about you, the life you are living now, and all past lives. Your Higher Self will share only information that is appropriate at this time and is of benefit to you. It is caring, loving and protective during the session. 

Some individuals may not experience a past life, but become connected with a greater source that will take them to the most appropriate time and place. This could be your Galactic family origins or places where you have spent time learning and growing, as well as connections with your guides.

Your Higher Self has the ability to identify any physical or emotional problems it detects from past life or present and it will explain the causes. If healing is needed, the Higher Self is asked if it is appropriate for healing to occur. If appropriate, healing can be done instantaneously. Understanding why discomfort is being experienced will be sufficient for it to be relieved and/or removed. Healing can only occur if you want to be healed and you do not interfere with your goals for this lifetime. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations to this experience and healing.


Immediately after the session, you will awake refreshed and energized. We will also take time for your physical needs. Then we will discuss the answers and experience from the session. This may take 30-45 minutes.

It is important to eat and drink immediately after the session to ground your mind and body. 

You may or may not remember much of what was said. You will be given a recording of your full session via email. Please do not play this session while driving but in a private setting. Skip past the induction portion as it may take into the Theta state again. After listening fully, you are then free to share with whomever you choose. 

For additional information for your session, please download the PDF provided.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Looking forward to our session.

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