I have opened NEW sessions called ADVANCED ENERGY MEDICINE THERAPY. In this one hour+ session we will sit together via Zoom videoconference to work on any current challenges you may be experiencing.


During our session, we will connect with our guides in an open meditation and use not one, but several modalities to profile where you are. This information will allow us to move forward, dive deep into finding the root cause of any challenges you may be experiencing, thus move into the best transformational and healing needed. You will also receive an energy attunement and upgrade as guided by the higher-self, receive tools to assist you after the session and guidance that will propel you forward on your journey with harmony, balance, healing and transformation.


In this session we will look at but not limited to:

• Unbalanced Physical Energy / Energy Centers / Auric Field

• Physical Pain

• Mental / Emotional Challenges

• Shadow work

• Medication Integration

• Relationships, Family, Partners

• Forgiveness of self and others

• Past Life Trauma 

• Negative life patterns & Beliefs

• Dimensional Field Disruption

• Ascension Symptoms

• Unconscious Negative Belief System

• Fear, Anger, Judgment, Lack

• Conditioning Programs

• Trapped Emotions, Heart Walls

• And other areas you may need assistance with 


We will be working with the following energy systems that I have used and refined for over 6 years, working with 100’s of clients, friends and family.


Kundalini Reiki – Medical Reiki/Medicine – Bioenergy field Clearing/Attunement – Akashic Records – Forensic Healing – Access Consciousness Bars - 


You can go to these modalities within this website to gather more information on what each of these energy system can do for you within this session. 


The sessions will be conducted via zoom videoconference and will be recorded so you can revisit the session for vital information that came forward. 


Session special: Self-investment - $65


If you would like to SET UP or CHAT about a session, or have any questions, you can contact me at:


I am here to assist in helping you light the path to your personal power! Blessings and Transformation