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Children Starseed Origins Reading



If you are parent on your spiritual path, you may have been curious about what traits and Star Group lineage your child is bringing into their incarnation, and what wave of Light Work they are here to assist us with.

Who are StarSeeds?

“Star” they have lived incarnations and have journeyed from the stars and star lineages beyond our know galaxy. “Seed” They come to Earth to seed the planet to raise its vibration to assist Earth’s ascension as well as humanity. 

StarSeeds have made a conscious decision  to come to our planet to help it become a higher version of itself and to help those who are ready to ascend to a higher dimension and to also expand their own Souls evolution. They are here to help fix what we have broken as a species. StarSeeds bring their light to places on the planet that need it, helping humans who fall into darkness. They will support other people as they move through their own challenges learning to love themselves at the same time. The power of their energy and light is shared across the globe and help anyone needing their assistance. They are also here to play and bring joy and creativity to our planet.


The Children StarSeeds

Star Children or “Starseeds” is the overall term used to describe Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children (and adults). The awareness of these types of children and adults has been well known in metaphysical circles since the 1970’s when Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, first told the world about them.  “Indigo” was the term originally used back then and it is still widely used by many today.  There is a quite a big difference however between the 3 most well known categories of Star Children: “Indigo’s, Crystals and Rainbow’s,” and a new has emerged the Diamond Child.


Star Children are here to bring peace and healing, to topple corrupt systems and shift dimensional consciousness. They are here to assist in the rebirth of a higher dimensional world. They possess many special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities which assist us in our personal and shared global missions.


Since the awareness of Star Children exploded in the metaphysical scene in the 70’s, many top ranking professionals in all different kinds of disciplines - Scientists, Psychotherapists, Doctors of Science, Clinical Biologists, Psychic Channellers (to name but a few) - have backed up the idea that these children exist. China are taking the subject so seriously due to the evidence of some seriously supernatural abilities which are evident in some children born in their culture, that they are funding a research project to try find out where these incredible abilities come from. 


In addition to the metaphysical/new age interpretation of Star Children, other open minded scientific research groups concerning extra-terrestrials also back up the notion that these Star Children exist. These groups completely support the metaphysical view of what the Star Children are here to do, but they suggest that these Star Children are in fact human/alien hybrids themselves, originating from different planets other than on Earth. The Pleiades and Sirius appear to be two popular solar systems that a large proportion of these individuals claim to be originating from.  These scientific research groups - which again include many top ranking professionals - claim that the Star Children have been put on Earth to act as a bridge between humans and ET’s, to open the channel for trade and communication between our planets and other beings in the galaxy. 


Thousands of people have come forward to these research groups to report visitations from ET’s, conscious memories of being onboard craft and many have been given special gifts from these ET’s which are helping to heal our planet and raise the collective vibration for all of us.


The StarSeed Reading

The “StarSeed Reading” takes you on a deeper journey into your child's Star Lineage, they have chosen to incarnate to learn, grow and experience as an eternal Divine Consciousness. 


In this reading, I will connect into your child's Galactic Akashic Records field where I will connect with their Star Lineages they have incarnated into to learn and grow. We will find the most important star group(s) where they have spent time on missions, the attributes they carry from each star group and messages they would like your child to receive. I will provide a detailed written report of my findings so that you have time digest the information. Once you receive your child's StarSeed written report, I am available to answer any questions via email. There is no post or follow-up meeting after you receive this report. 



A detailed written report that you can keep and reread throughout your child's journey

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS: We can only connect into a child’s Akashic Records with the parents permission. By filling out the registration form below, you are giving me permission to access this information. I am able to connect into children’s records from age 6 months to 17 years of age. Understand the information that comes through, does not define the child and their destiny or experiences they will create and choose in their incarnation. Our children come in with complete free will and will have their own path be-it spiritual or other to travel. 

Please place your child's name in the appropriate spaces and provide your email as contact. Once you register, I will forward a message that I received your registration form. Several days later you will receive a detailed written report of your child's reading with further instructions.


If you have questions before you register you can email me at:




This session is not to replace any medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevent any disease. I do not diagnose conditions or perform medical treatments of any kind and will not interfere with the treatment of any medical professional. Please seek medical advise first when necessary. This session is an added alternative to your already, if any, current therapy. 

We will be in touch shortly after checkout to schedule your session

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