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When making your payment, please type in the message section at PayPal what modality session you are paying for, your email address and any other info you feel I should have. I will then contact you to set up a date and time for our session. 


If you are purchasing a gift certificate please type "Gift Certificate" in the PayPal message area. 


Akashic Level 1 - $55

Akashic Level 2 - $55

Akashic level 1 & 2 - $110

Akashic Ancestral Alchemy - $65

Kundalini Reiki Course Group - $222

Kundalini Reiki Course Private - $275

Advanced Energy Session - $65

Bioenergy Clearing/Upgrade - $85

QHHT (Past life Regression) - $150

Forensic Healing - $55

Akashic Masterclass Group - $300

Akashic Masterclass Proivate - $385

Open dollar amount to be used as the recipient chooses - your $$ amount chosen

Thank you!

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