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Although the benefits of Reiki reflect the unique needs of each individual, most often, individuals feel relaxed, peaceful, and uplifted after a Reiki Treatment or Reiki Attunement. Other benefits can include increased energy, vitality, positivity, motivation, and focus; enhanced immune response; restored emotional balance; reduced feelings of stress and anxiety; reduced pain.


On occasion, some people may experience a “healing reaction” of cold-like symptoms such as headache; upset stomach; frequent urination or bowel changes; feeling emotional or fatigued. These physical responses usually indicate that body is continuing to heal itself by releasing toxins and impurities that have accumulated in the body. It may also indicate that more Reiki may be necessary. To fully integrate the benefits of Reiki, and to support your body during a healing reaction, it’s helpful to engage in relaxing, calming activities after the session; also drink more water, eat lighter meals, and get more rest. 


In addition to physical healing, Reiki can “open the closet door” to healing on emotional, mental, or spiritual levels. This may manifest in past hurts and fears rising to the surface so that they can be processed. This is an invitation for you to “do the work” of directly acknowledging, addressing, and releasing past issues—that up until this point have been avoided or suppressed—so that you can finally be free to move on. 


The inner work related to processing and releasing past issues is similar to the process of cleaning out a closet of things that are no longer needed or used. At first, facing the crowded closet seems overwhelming and daunting. It’s up to you to look at each item individually so you can process and decide whether you want to keep it or toss it or give it away. One by one, item by item, your closet will be cleared and cleaned. One by one, fear by fear, hurt by hurt, your heart will be healed.


Note that more Reiki sessions may be necessary during this time, as well as talking through your feelings with someone you trust; keeping a journal; gently and regularly exercising; taking time in Nature; and being kind and gentle with yourself

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