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What Is A Soul Realignment® Reading?

After I put together your Soul Profile written report, I will contact you via phone or Skype to discuss what was found within your Akashic Records and answer any questions. You will receive this report via the email you provide.


During the Soul Realignment process, I energetically clear and remove the negative influences from one’s Soul records in this lifetime and past lifetimes. This clearing provides a chance to make new choices going forward; to change current experiences to ones that reflect one’s highest good; and to express one’s Divine nature in their daily life and experiences.


During the phone call I will perform your Soul Realignment and remove all negative energy imbalances and influences that have been created and carried over from other lifetimes that are still present within your records. I will also energetically clear all negative influences that need healing or adjustments that came forward during your reading. 

Many clients will have personal homework and inner work to do in order to clear negative influences that they are experiencing in their current life. I provide worksheets to guide you through this process. The worksheets will help you focus on your own beliefs and thought systems you are holding on to at this time and begin to own and acknowledge any issues that do not serve your highest good. The consequences created while in the physical realm must be resolved through new choices. When you begin to own it, make new choices, and let the old emotional energy go, you begin the release and open your Soul to its True Divine Path.


The Soul Realignment allows you to begin a new healing path that will allow you to live your TRUE DIVINITY in this life. 

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